Personal writing – Imagine Jumping into a movie…

Personal writing – Imagine Jumping into a movie…

The imaginative idea of jumping to a movie and taking part in the adventures it beholds has always been a hope of mine. However, my desires only go so far as an adventure. The ideal movie that I would like to jump into would be The Hunger Games. Initially, you may be confused about my choice, but I have always been inspired to fight for a cause of betterment. A reason to fight is the basis of hunger games. The idea of bringing change is a right that every human being should have. In my eyes, I think that if there is not a right to protest for change, there should always be a rebellion if the people chose. If I were to select a character to be in the movies, I would select Haymitch. Haymitch is a character that previously won the games and spent all his money and time drinking and sleeping. His role in the plot is to guide the main character, Katniss Everdeen, to greatness. I am very attracted to the idea of relaxing and not giving a single sense of thought to what’s happening around him. However, Haymitch’s way of relaxing is too extreme as he drowns himself in alcohol and his vomit.


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  1. Hola Eshaan

    I enjoyed your writing. I could definitely tell why you chose that movie, you gave well explained details which helped me understand your reasons.


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