Personal Writing- First game of the Season


This weekend I had a school senior boys basketball game at Spectrum. There were some highs and lows but overall was considered a success by me and my teammates. Most of us met at Brookes and departed as a team. Coming out of the van we were all excited and ready to play our best.

Inside the gym was abnormally hot which worried me because it would likely make it harder to run for long periods of time. Luckily almost everyone showed up to the game, so we had lots of subs. Our coach read out the starting lineup, which I was included in. We did our cheer and walked onto the court.  Immediately I looked and chose the biggest guy to be my check who was only around six feet. The whistle blew and I lost the jump ball. Within the first three minutes of the game their best player scored a shocking eight points on us before he broke his ankle. After this incident it was easy for our team to bounce back and hold a steady lead till 3rd quarter. Alex our point guard gave me nice passes for easy layups, I was getting the simple put backs through rebounds, and we always hustled back on defense. During the 4th quarter we pulled ahead and finished the game winning by 20 points.

Returning to the school I was very happy with how I played. I ended the game with 14 points. This leaves room for improvement, and I look forward to playing next game.

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