Personal Writing Feb 7th

Inventing a new holiday or celebration.

I believe it would pretty awesome inventing a whole new holiday or celebration. The fact of creating your own “rules” about it, it’s something really fun to think of.

I would call it ThanksChristIt’sWeen. I took the words Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, and created a new different word.

I chose these holidays because they’ve been my favorites since I was a little kid. What I love the most about them is definitely the food. At Christmas, we get to eat: gingerbread cookies, hot chocolate, pudding, etc.  Thanksgiving dinner is the best for me, there’s just so many options from where to eat. For example turkey with or without gravy, stuffing/dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, candied yams, pumpkin or apple pie, etc. Last but not least, Halloween. This holiday is best for eating candy and sweets. The best part is that people take a dessert and turn it into a spooky confection. There are pumpkin rice Krispie treats, candy corn cakes, worms in dirt, monster apple caramel bites, Halloween popcorn balls, ghost cupcakes, etc.

My new celebration would happen on March 18 till March 25. It would be the same date every year.