Personal Writing Feb 21

“If you could live inside any video game, which would you choose?  Why?”

I don’t know if this is considered a real video game, but I would choose “Sugar Rush”. This game first came out on the “Wreck-it Ralph” movie. It is a place where everything is made out of different candy and sweet things. Even some characters are real-life candies. The fact that everything is eatable, is really eye-catching for me. Especially since everything is sweet. It makes me actually wanna live there. Some spots that appear in the movie are the following: Nesquiks sands and a Diet Cola Mountain.

The main objective of this video game is to win a race. The cars are made out of desserts, but they work as if they were real cars. There are 12 competitors and only 1 can win. There are lots of obstacles that appear throughout the race and of course, the racetracks change as well. I love car racings. I like to watch them, but I adore being part of the race.

I think this video game is the best for me.