Personal writing/Does being fair mean treating everyone equal?

As a society, we have changed our views to relate fairness to equality when, in actuality, we should be comparing it to equity. With equality, we try to place everyone on a level plane field. Everyone receives the same thing and is granted equal opportunities, regardless of whether they are wanted or needed. True equality is only possible if everyone starts from the same place.  Contrarily, equity, by definition means “the quality of being fair and impartial.”  Under equity, the same possibilities and opportunities are available to everyone. Before equality can be created, equity must be acquired.

As a society, we strive for equality, among races, sexes, and ages. Is this truly all we think it is and is it what we desire. Yes, we (women or those of different socio-economic backgrounds or cultures) want equal pay. No one should be judged or stereotyped for race or gender identity, but we genuinely do not understand the meaning of equality. If we all came from the same background and granted the equal opportunity’s, how will we grow as individuals and society? I am not saying that being treated as less is a good thing, or that we should be happy we are un equals. I am merely stating that we will never all start on a level plan field. Somebody will always have a leg up, whether its money, connections, or personality, it is not human nature to try and achieve perfect harmony. Each individual starts in a different place and has a unique end destination in mind. Unfortunately, the world is not a fair place. People live separate lives and ask different things of you. To treat everyone the same or “fairly” would take an interior shift in society that sadly, most are not willing or knowledgeable enough to make.


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  1. You covered this topic wonderfully! But one thing I noticed is that both your paragraphs start with the same thing. Other than that great job.


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