Personal Writing – Climate Change


Climate change is a big factor that is affecting the world and the people living in it. If we don’t make a change now the world will keep going through the wrong path and there are some people that actually don’t care, for example, the president of Brasil. He and his government are the ones responsible of the Amazonas disaster, in which thousands of cubic kilometers were burnt just because he wanted to make some contracts to make some planning and use that space for other things. If you don’t know the Amazonas Forest is called like the world’s lungs, this forest is located at Brasil and it is probably the biggest forest in the world, this forest is needed to reduce the carbon dioxide in the air, and give oxygen. There is a worldwide climate change protest (September 27th) in which people reunite in a certain place and make posters and different speeches or things about the topic. There are millions of people in this protest just trying to make a change by talking but we need to make a change, you can keep saying to change or different things but there are some “ignorant” people that just say that there needs to be a change but they still throw garbage on the floor, politicians need to actually help in this type of situation instead of using the money for corruption and other things that are not needed at the moment.