Personal Writing #3 – Champions League

In 2016 my dad told me he was going to Europe with some of his friends to go watch Real Madrid in the Champions League Final in Milan, I ended up going with him, I think I asked him I dont remember. So we went to Europe to go to Milan, It was a long trip but we got there and we explored Milan at it was the best thing ever, the food, the agriculture, the icecream, the ice cream was so good I remember I ordered lime ice cream, it was the best ice cream ive ever had. The day finally arrived when we got to see Real Madrid play against Atletico de Madrid, I was finally gonna get to see the team me and my dad followed through the television and was gonna get to see my favorite player, Cristiano Ronaldo, we put our Real Madrid jerseys on and headed to the stadium. The stadium was massive, we got to our seats and were happy to be there, the match started and back then I wasnt the type to scream a lot I was very shy, so I didnt move or do a lot throughout the match but I was very excited, my dad and his friends were screaming the entire time, and next to us were some people from the other team and they seemed concerned to say the least. In the end Real Madrid won through penalties, it was a really good time to be alive.

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