Personal Writing By William Dolan

  1. An argument breaks out at a restaurant, where one person is clearly in the wrong. Do they back down or do they keep arguing? What happens next?


“You tried to dine and dash on us! We are going to call the police,” said the waitress. 


“I simply forgot my wallet in my car!” said the woman dressed all in black.


“But you started your car, and you did not come out until I shouted at you,” argued the waitress who was beginning to get impatient.


“My wallet was hard to find!” said the woman. “It was stuck under the car seat!”  Then, just as she was about to speak, she felt a thick hand which belonged to a security guard grab her wallet and start examining it’s contents.


“It seems ma’am that your wallet is empty, and that you do not have a driver’s license. It appears that you don’t have a car and you have no intentions of paying for your meal.


“But the woman said, people make mistakes, besides I have run out of money as I used it all to support my daughter so she could go to university and experience a good education,” said the woman. 


“That makes no difference, this is a criminal offence, and you must wait with me until the police come,” said the security guard. And in moments the police arrived, and talked to the customer and the restaurant owner separately.


What happened next surprised everyone, the police officer took out his wallet and paid for the meal and then wrote a warning to the customer that didn’t pay. Obviously if this was to happen again, then she would be charged since she was in the wrong. he gave her a card to the local food bank and sent her on her way after the restaurant owner agreed not to press charges.