Personal Writing #4

Wednesday, Jan 18th the whole school had a ski trip to mt. Washington. I was extremely excited because I had not been skiing for 10 years and wanted to try it out again I honestly thought it would be easy and to my surprise, I was very wrong because I sucked at it and could barley stand up without falling. for the first 3 hours, I was failing every 10 to 20 seconds and was so fed up with the ski trip and wanted to quit and eat lunch until Dylan and I got lost and didn’t know our way back to the lodge so we had to ask some random people near the ski lift if they knew where the lodge was and they told us that we were a pretty far distance away and that we would have to go back up the ski lift and ski back down the mountain to get tp the lodge obviously I wasn’t too excited because that was like an hour more of fear for me but we only had 30 minutes so when we got to the top of the mountain I had to try not to fall or else we wouldn’t be able to eat lunch because we had a specific time limit that we had to eat lunch in which was 12:00 to 12:30. So we raced s fast as we could down the mountain and aculay made it down decently quick but we were still a little late for lunch but it was okay in the end and it honestly made me better at skiing because I didn’t have a choice but to get better or else I would have been stuck on that mountain for a lot longer than I would have wanted.

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