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I love to do excessive and be active. One of my favorites sports are basketball, I just to play since I was a kid, I love it, I played with my school of Mexico, and sometimes on the weekend we go out of the city to play with other teams of my state, we were so good on basketball, we always won. My favorite team of basketball is golden state warriors, I love them, I went to see them 3 times, 2 on phoenix arizona and one on san francisco cal, they are the best team of NBA. Now I don’t play anymore, because I want to have more time to do another things on my mind, like be more with my family, play with my 2 pets, and school. But I missed too much basketball, play with my best friends, go 40 out and have fun. But now that I’m hear, in Victoria, I just get stressed and then I eat so much hamburgers in the afternoon because in Mexico it was normal to eat all the day in my state, so now I don’t feel so active, so I want to change that and be like when I was on mexico.


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  1. I really like how you included details about yourself in this, Ashley. What you said about Victoria having such an impact on you must be so true for so many dorm students, and it must be really hard to be away from home. Next time, I would suggest to shorten your sentences a bit, and try to use linking words to make the sentences flow more. Also, try to break it up into smaller paragraphs, when it seems most natural.


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