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Over the winter break I did a day trip to Mt. Washington. We got up really early and dove to the mountain. We got our ski rentals and got ready to go skiing. The first half of the day was really nice. Half way through the day, the weather started to get bad. There was so much fog you could barely see five feet in front of you. As I was going down a slope, I couldn’t see the sign and I started to go down a side trail by accident. As I was going down I saw a little jump in front of me. It was too late to stop or avoid the jump at this point so I just had to go for it. As I went over it I dropped into the hole and nearly lost my balance and started flailing around but managed to stay on my feet. It was a very fun ski trip.

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  1. I enjoyed the length of your personal writing as it wasn’t too long but it was enough to understand what you we’re wanting to share about you’re trip.

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