Personal Writing #6: Stardew Valley

If you could live inside any video game, which would you choose? Why?

A rooster cries in the distance, and I sigh, turning on my side and muffling the noise with my pillow. I reluctantly get out of bed, shielding my eyes from the morning sun streaming through the windows. As I clamber out of bed with my eyes still half-shut, I trip over Charles. He hisses at me angrily, and I spew out a list of apologies, scratching him behind the ears until he starts to purr with forgiveness. I make my way over to the TV to check the weather, watch a daily cooking video, and get my fortune read.

The wind blows softly through my hair as I open the wooden front door. The air smells as fresh as the lake that surrounds my little plot of land, which is separated into islands connected by rackety wooden bridges. I yawn loudly as I make my way over to my tools and supplies I require for the day. In my leather backpack, I pack my fishing rod, sword, hoe, watering can, an amethyst as a gift for my boyfriend, and some snacks.

By this point I’ve fully awaken, and I start diligently with my morning chores. I water all summer plants, check on Heihei (my dearest chicken who only produces the highest quality of eggs), check up on the rainbow trout in my fish pond, collect mushrooms from the cave, and then I make my way into town, satisfied with my progress and hopeful for the future.

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