Personal Writing #6 – My Chihuahuas

My chihuahuas are the best, I love them, no animal comes close to the certain amount of cuteness they hold. Simona and Rafa are my 2 chihuahuas, Simona loves to come next to me when im in my computer and sit with me in the chair, she also loves to relax in the sun all day, she’s 9 years old and grumpy, always growling and stuff, shes still my favorite. Rafa is a 4 year old chichuaha, he was born with his tounge sticking out, so hes funny looking, he doesnt like me much like Simona does, but I still love him, he likes to play chase with me and simona and my other dogs, he thinks hes the leader of the pack(I have like 6 dogs), he isnt, he could get killed by the other dogs, but they dont because hes weak, Rafa should start doing cardio. I miss them everyday wishing I can convince my mom to bring them, but they would die because its too cold here, they are my second reason to go to Mèxico. Get a chihuaha, they are nice dogs.

One thought on “Personal Writing #6 – My Chihuahuas”

  1. Hey Armando! This writing shows your love towards your chihuahuas which is very cool. Maybe next time it would be better to use more periods for it to be easier readable.

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