Personal Writing #6

On February 22nd, while playing basketball, I dislocated my knee.

After finishing lunch, I headed straight to the gym to play basketball, soccer, badminton, whatever was going on. I decided to play some basketball with the younger kids. After shooting around for a bit, we decided to play a game. I don’t remember the teams, but I do know that it was fun. At 12:25, the younger kids had to go to reading block, leaving the gym clear for the older kids. Since there were a surprisingly large amount of kids there, we had enough to play a full court game. The first 15 minutes were awesome. It wasn’t all that competitive, so we were having some fun, shooting shots that would never be shot if it was a game. After our team lost the ball, it was the other team’s ball behind their own hoop. The person with the ball heaved a long pass, intended for Logan. I jumped up, trying to intercept it, but missed. However, I landed on my left leg, and my knee collapsed. I heard a loud pop, and a lot of pain followed. On the ground, I saw my knee in a spot it wasn’t supposed to be. Then, I watched as it popped back into place. The whole experience was pretty gross. The pain was still immense, as I was unable to move. Dylan helped me to the couch, and Calla got me an icepack. I was driven to the doctor’s by my mom, where they took an X-ray and all of that boring stuff. Thankfully, there was no bone fractures or breaks, and the ACL, MCL and PCL are all fine.


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  1. That sounded like it would’ve been quite the experience. The good thing is that you did not break anything or tear any ligaments as those could be affecting you for life.

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