Personal Writing #1

I wake up to the sudden sound of my alarm clock. I drowsily roll over to turn it off. The soft taps of the rain hitting my window and the warmth of my bed is all I can think about. I lay there in peace, as though I have no care in the world. A few minutes pass and I suddenly hear my name, “Lisha come down, your going to be late”, my mother’s stern voice calls. I pick myself up from my bed, feeling like I am made of bricks, and slowly make my way downstairs. “You have to walk to school today, ok?” my mother says while she rushes around the house frantically. “And for the rain, I bought you a new rain jacket yesterday so you won’t get wet.” I look down at my cereal rubbing my eyes. “What about after school?” I ask, “Will you be able to get me or should I walk back?” “Ya, that would probably make things easier. Thank you” she says with relief hugging me. I nod and she rushes off again. “Ok I have to get going, see you after school!” she calls across the room as she slams the front door. I sit there in silence for a few seconds before I realize the time and decide to get moving.

I step off the front porch closing the door behind me. I see cars full of busy families rushing to school and work, hoping to get there in time. I also see the rain pouring from the sky and making puddles on the ground. I sigh as I turn around and go back inside. “I’ll go to school tomorrow” I say as I slip myself back into bed.

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