Personal Writing #4

Skiing trips are always really fun. This particular ski trip was just as great as the last. My friends and I went up to Mt. Washington in a van and although it was really early and got rather stuffy in the van it was a rather enjoyable ride up. Once we got there we waited for the other students to arrive. I went with my cousins to get their ski rentals and then, we made sure Finn and Diego got to their snow kids lesson. Eli and I made our way to the top of the ski lift and did some runs with Ben and Belle. Mid day we met back up with Finn and Diego, had lunch, and then took them both on a green run. It was Finns first time skiing, when he finished his lesson we took him on a green and ran in to a couple problems but overall the ski trip was amazing! On our drive back we watched Rush Hour.

2 thoughts on “Personal Writing #4”

  1. I like the way you describe the ski trip. It sounds like it was a very fun trip and you did a great job explaining it that it feels like I was there.
    (ps. I was there.)

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