Personal Writing #4

Wallows is an alternative/indie rock band who released their first single “Pleaser” in 2017, and continue releasing music and going on tour to this day. The band is made up of 3 people: Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston. They are easily one of my all-time favorite artists as I really enjoy their music and the groups bond. Most of their songs follow the same, upbeat style. For me, listening to their songs never fails to boost my mood. The bond between the three of them is so strong and makes me genuinely happy watching interviews or music videos where their true personalities are showing. But their music videos connect both these aspects into one uplifting video. They use many visual tricks done by using interesting angles and editing. There is always an excess of colour in the videos, adding to the already upbeat music. My personal favorite music video that they’ve released is “I Don’t Want to Talk”. The video perfectly sums up the groups’ bond and the energy that is in each of their other music videos. If you haven’t heard of this band I highly recommend to search them up on YouTube, Spotify or whatever other music streaming platform you use.

Nyah Sharratt 01/18

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  1. Great writing Nyah! I like you how both mentioned the band’s style of music and their style of music videos. I listen to Wallows all the time while working out because of how upbeat their music is, like you mentioned, but I’ve ever watched their music videos before. Now you’ve convinced me to hop onto YouTube and watch some of their videos!

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