Personal Writing #3 – Port Hardy trip

Last weekend on November 19th I had 2 hockey games scheduled up in Port Hardy against the Tri-Port Wild. Early on Saturday November 19th My parents and I packed up the car with my hockey gear and overnight bags. My friend Kalina who is on my team soon arrived at my house to carpool with us to Port Hardy. We left my house at around 9am and got to the hotel at 3:30pm. Once we arrived Kalina and I bought Subway and got driven to the arena to warm up for our first game. Once the whole team showed up, we got to our workout and then got dressed in our hockey gear. Our first game was challenging but exciting, we won 3-1. The next day we got up nice and early with a big breakfast. We checked out of the hotel and were on our way to the rink. Time flew by as we played against Tri-Port, we tied 2-2.  We were all thrilled with how we played this weekend and excited to come back.

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