Personal Writing #3 – Mèxico Middle School

When I lived in Mèxico I obviously went to middle school, my middle school was huge, I have a lot of good memories of it. The school was had big football fields and cafeteria were they sold all types of stuff, and on the week they would have special days like, sushi tuesday, mollete wendsday, tacos dorados lunes, etc, everything was really good, props to the chefs. Some of the best moments I had in this school were for example when a friend sticked a note in my back that said dumbass or something like that, and I went to the bathroom and some kids were laughing at me and I didnt know I had a note on my back, so yeah. A kid vomited next to me one time, I wasnt hit thankfully. But the best thing about middle school in Mèxico was that with my best friend we had history together,and the history teacher loved me, but disliked my bestfriend(thats what he says) so the funny thing is that I would sit with my friend, do nothing and the teacher would say I did a good job, but he always said my friend needed to improve and stuff like that when he did all the work(we worked in groups of 2), and she would walk around the class all the way to my friend which he was in the farthest corner to say he needed to improve, it was really funny. I also remember sitting with all the boys in lunch and roasting each other on everything, now my friends have some horrible nicknames. I would also talk to my friends of playing videogames after school and we did. The end.

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