Personal Writing #3: Influence or Control

I question has come to plague my awoken nights, refusing the passage of any sort of sleep. What truly are we, rulers of our own bodies, or prisoners to our flesh. Any child could answer this question without the batting of an eye. Their answer would likely be that we control our bodies, not the contrary. But as we mature, this answer becomes more clouded with doubt. If we are truly in control, why is it that we feel pain. If we are in control, couldn’t I simply deny the passage of pain. Even better, couldn’t I make myself sad, or happy, or mad. Sure, I can force myself to cry, to smile, or to frown, but I can’t control which emotions to feel. If confronted with that, I child could answer by stating we are only in partial control. Though this answer is valid, putting thought into in might just discredit its intent. If we are only in partial control, then what is it the controls the rest. Do we tell our body what to do, or do we simply influence its actions. Many people have experienced a time in which they were paralyzed by fear. They wanted to complete an action, but their bodies would simply not move. Would this imply that we are but a voice that influences the actions of our bodies, and if we are to believe that, then is it really control that we have over them. These types of questions are what most fascinate me about the study of philosophy, and make me hope and can maybe enter a career in which I can further explore them.

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