Personal Writing #3 Aidan Bisgrove

On Monday, Nov 21st I went to Tim Hortons again with Armando and Dyan this time and we left at 12:00 sharp and we walked which took us 8 ish minutes because we ran there and when we got there I bought them both ice caps, and me a donut. I only bought them stuff because we made a bet and I lost the bet so after we got food we start walking back. When we come to the opening of the thrifty a truck came up and we were about to cross Dylan and I let the truck go through but Armando had other plans so instead of just lifting his hand up in a thank you gesture he stood in front of the truck and put his hand up almost like he was commanding the truck to stop and while he had his hand up he started getting lower and lower to the ground and at the once he passed and so did we he had almost fell onto the ground and on the way back we were laughing so hard because of how stupid he looked whilst doing whatever he was trying to do.

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