Personal Writing #2: A World in Which the Water Reached the Sky

I woke up to the sound of angry waves that that hit my vessel. I hastily got dressed into my orange sailing suit, it was still wet. When I got up to the main deck, I saw Jason and Kyle, I heard a small comment about how Kyle was still shaking with three jackets on, that had gotten a small giggle out of me, alarming them of my presence.

“Look who decided to join us, you sure slept your quota” said Jason, with his classic smirk. I hated that smirk, but at the same time I admired him for being able to have it.

“Are we in LA yet?” I sighed, trying to shift his focus “Sasha said we would be there by morning.”

“We just got here a few hours ago” Said Kyle finishing his soup before standing up to prepare mine “Sasha and Nico left early in the morning to search for survivors, they told us to stay and take care of you because of what happened in San Francisco yesterday.”

As I heard that, I made my way to the side of the ship, only to see the shadow of the Wilshire Grand Center completely submerged in water, in the distance I saw Nico and Sasha heading our direction on our rescue-boat, but I saw no survivors with them.

“So not even the city of stars could escape the rising of the sea.” I whispered making sure no one would hear me, my voice as heavy as the ship.

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