Personal Writing #2 – a poem “Never Ending”:

The power our thoughts have on us, is scary,

Sometimes they makes me smile,

Mostly cry.

They determine what I wear,

Who I talk to,

What I do,

And what I consume for food.

One day I’ll wake up,

Happy as can be thinking to myself,

“No one can stop me”,

But then the next day,

I’m a mess,

Now all I want to do is sleep, cry, and watch my comfort series.

School doesn’t help on those messy days,

It makes me tired,

I want to go home,

And needing rewired.

My brain hurts,

It keeps stabbing me with a knife,

Telling me I’m worthless and I can’t “do life”.

The pain that thoughts cause,

Is more than gain,

And the biggest annoyance;

It’s never ending.

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