Personal Writing 2

It was a cold brisk winter morning and me and the boys were out exploring the forest around my house. We took my dog with us and a few cool sticks we found along the way. It took a few hours but we finally wore ourselves out by running around and chasing each other. We threw sticks for my dog when we were tired and then got back to playing once we were rested enough. We played until the evening and we decided to head back to the house. I stopped to tie my shoes, but my friends did not wait for me and continued to the house. The dog, however, did wait for me. She sat next to me while I was tying my shoes. I stood up after i was done but my friends had already gone inside. I decided to throw a stick for my dog because she sat and waited with me. I threw it pretty far and waited. 5 minutes went by and I could still hear the rustling of the bushes so I stayed there and waited. Another 3 minutes went by before I went into the bushes myself to find my dog. I walked towards the bustling bushes until I saw my dog. She was sitting down over the stick. I called out to her to come with me but she walked the other way. I followed her, still calling her name hoping she would turn around and come towards me so I wouldn’t have to chase her into the forest. We ended up in a clearing with a single willow tree in the center. I saw a stick on the ground in front of me. It looked just like the stick I threw. I looked up and could not see my dog anywhere. I thought it was a cool area so i walked around for a bit before heading towards the center with the willow tree. I could see a swarm of flies hovering around the other side of the tree. It took 3 steps to make it to the other side and what I saw made my stomach turn. I wanted to throw up. What I could see, lying on the ground was my dog, its stomach ripped open and its insides strewn about. I started crying and ran back towards my home. I ran and I ran until I got tired. I ran for 30 minutes before I stopped. When I looked around, I was back at the willow tree. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I took a seat across from my dogs corpse and cried into my knees. I cried for what had to have been 20 minutes. But suddenly I could hear panting, a dog’s panting. I looked up and to my surprise my dog’s corpse was gone. Instead, in its place, was another dog. It could not have been my dog, this dog was standing up on its hind legs, and was staring. Staring at me. I stood up and slowly backed up. “No one will hear your screams.” the thing said softly. “You cant run.” I was stuck,  too afraid to move as the thing walked towards me. drooling from the mouth. It opened its gaping jaws so wide. The inside of its mouth was pitch black, like the night sky.

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