Personal Writing #1 – A poem:

Déjà vu:

Waking up the same way every day,

Alarm set for 6:30, can’t be late!

Slept about eight to ten hours yet still feeling tired.

Can’t say no though,

Have to push through it,

Be the model student because we have to prove we can do it.

Can’t ask for help,

Show no signs of weakness,

Can’t show them we’re just a big mess.

Life can be tough for anyone,

For us though,

It’s a mountain to climb.

No time for a social life,

No time to smile,

Get the work done or feel the burden,

Once that’s done,

We can finally close the curtain.

Sports keep us busy,

And so does music but at least we have Sunday for relaxation and playing with church kids.

Summer is great, we get to have fun, go to camp, and soak up some sun, and like this year,

Getting dunked!

But once summer’s over, its back to school,

The terror has begun.

As the cycle continues,

It feels like nothing new though.

All it feels like;

Déjà vu.

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