Personal response

All quiet on the western front was one of few books I’ve read about World War I. The way it was written showed the reader feelings of ordinary soldiers, the proper side of war, and made us feel just a little as people in the war did. It is impossible to feel exactly like the soldiers for us people who have never been to war. Sometimes it was hard to put my (modern) thinking with the way soldiers in 1914 thought in different situations where I would see the end of my world.

The story was chronologically written and the characters had grown together with us. Some of them died, someone had their personality changed, and some lost their “humanity” and sense in life out of war. It was really sad but realistic reading about all this loss. We could easily emphasize the characters.

The image it gives me is more negative than positive. I see dead bodies, trenches, dark atmosphere. I see dark trees, dark hills, and dark shell-holes. It is not an image that I would really enjoy but it’s also showing that it was written realistically. 


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