Personal Response to Brave New World

Brave New World is a dystopian novel written in 1932 by Aldous Huxley, a British writer and philosopher.
This story takes place in 632 AF (After Ford), throughout the novel there is a lot of reflection. As a main theme he often uses the future, but also about Huxley’s society in the 32s. Almost all things have evolved over time, from our society today to that of 1932. It is for this and other aspects that I think this novel is a good example of comparison of how the future was seen before and how it is now.

As for the novel, it got a little boring for me after a certain point. But one of the things that brought it back to life was the entrance of a character named John. This kid was what we would call “normal”, but to them this kid was an indomitable and a savage. Another character that stands out a lot and I quite like is Bernard himself, this character was also different from the others because he had his own thoughts and views on the world and didn’t just follow the hypnopedia that everyone else followed in an infinite loop. However, these two perosnages were not the same, as on the one hand John would take Soma as soon as one thing overtook him. Slow novels bore me, and luckily the speed at which events unfolded was a very good pace. The plot itself I also liked as far as I could tell.

One of the things that strikes me the most is to see the way people perceive all the things that in this supposed “perfect society” are normalized. Things such as the sexual freedom that everyone has, including small children, as well as the fact of creating human beings at will and likeness in laboratories. Because really, nowadays there are similar things in the world we live in.

After reading this novel I have started to ask myself a lot of questions about things in our society today. The reasons why we do such things in such a way, etc…. It has changed my perspective on the differences between dystopia and utopia as I progressed through the book “The Brave New World”.

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