Personal Response to Romeo & Juliet

When Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet he wanted people to appreciate love, and how it can shape your life for the better or worse. In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare wanted to show us the worst possible situation two lovers could find themselves in. The two main characters Romeo and Juliet are from two different households who share the same wealth but have never approved of one another, they would always have their disagreements.

Between the two characters, I like Romeo more than Juliet. I feel that Romeo is a very interesting character with the way he acts throughout the play, he is obsessed with the topic of love. He originally loved Juliet’s cousin Rosaline, but once he saw Juliet, Rosaline was no longer on his mind. With Juliet, when she first met Romeo at the ball, which was organized by Lord Capulet, the two of them fell in love, and later on planned to marry each other. Juliet originally was going to be married to Paris, who her father fancied. Juliet has a choice if she listens to her father but if she disobeys her father’s opinions she is no longer a daughter to him, which is what happened when Juliet pleaded to her father about not wanting to marry Paris. I like Romeo more than Juliet because his life tends to go on different paths depending on his thoughts. Juliet’s life, on the other hand, revolves around her parents and the nurse and whether or not she is old enough to be married.

I think that the matter of choice was the leading factor for the tragic ending of the story. If the Montagues and Capulets during the beginning would instead of hating appreciated one another then Romeo and Juliet would have never been separated or denied the choice to marry each other even though they were from different houses.

The story is one that cannot be forgotten, it shares with us the lesson of how we should appreciate rather than neglect those who we love in life. We should be happy with what we have and should listen to our parents for support in life. However, we cannot always rely on those close to us to make the best decision for us. We have to be able to use what we have learned from the experiences within our life to make healthy decisions for our future. Which is what I believe the story is trying to teach us through both the characters and the plot.