Personal Response Romeo and Juliet

When it comes to my personal thoughts on Romeo and Juliet, I would firstly think of its plot, as I felt that one particular part of the play just did not seem realistic and gets me extremely confused and disturbed while reading or even watching the play Romeo and Juliet. During the Balcony scene, not long after Romeo and Juliet confessed their love to each other, they have both agreed to have a marriage the following day. This particular scene, just seemed really unrealistic to me. I understand that they are both immature, and that they are in love, but having a marriage right after they have just confessed love to each other? its just seems really impractical to me. The relationship between the two of them have just escalated too quickly and its just not applicable in our current society, as it would usually take months or even years to having both partners agree for marriage.

Another topic comes up to my mind while thinking about Romeo and Juliet, and it is its usage of language. Shakespeare uses an old fashioned english that makes the story really difficult to understand. Shakespeare uses words such as “thou”, “thy, “doth” and more. I find it really hard to read the play, as I do not understand the definition of most of these words.


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  1. Jasper, you should review the one-page handout about “Elizabethan English” that I gave you; I think it will answer your questions about thou, thy, and doth.

    As for Romeo & Juliet’s very fast decision to be married, I agree that it is a bit exaggerated, but art often exaggerates reality, doesn’t it? Moreover, you have to remember that in 16th-century Europe young people of Romeo & Juliet’s social class could not date, or even see each other, much less sleep together, without getting married. The girls were kept under close watch and usually stayed at home. So from that point of view, their hasty decision to marry makes a bit more sense.


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