Personal response brave new world

While I was reading the book Brave New World I felt that it connected to our society and that It really shows the path that things can go down by showing us how a futuristic society is like. In this society thye mass produce humans in labs and they make them play sex games. All this is a sort of reflection of our own society because people just take drugs when they feel sad. The plot of this book is how Bernard feels different in this society and how he feels sometimes left out because of his different way of thinking and because of his height. This really connects to our own world because some people are left in th emargin because of some reasons such as race or something similar. As stated before the drugs are a big part of this futuristic society but in our society it isnt all that different. When somme people are in the margin of society they feel abandoned by this society and they start hating this society that left them out. When all this energy is concentrated it results in characters such as Bernard or John the Savage. In this society they have castes which is basically the equivalent of social classes and it defines what your job is or what you can or can not do.

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