Personal Response “Brave New World”

This book “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley made me change my opinion about the definition of utopia. My own definition of utopia was the world that everyone was satisfied with. However, though everyone in this book is happy and they believe the brave new world is the way as utopia because they don’t even know another world that has families, religions, arts, and so on, I cannot say that the brave new world is how utopia is supposed to be. “One can’t have something for nothing. Happiness has got to be paid for” (p.201). These words meant to a lot me. In the brave new world, they sacrificed families, religions, and so on. They don’t know the importance of being loved, and respected as a unique person. We probably must pay something or give something up to get happiness. We cannot have everything we want at the same time. However, I assume it should be our own decision what we give up and what we get instead. They shouldn’t also be taught to prioritize pleasure, consumption, and instant gratification over deeper human values such as love, family, and creativity. They should consider their own value individually. Their opinions should be respected with fairness. The people in the brave new world never had an opportunity to realize the danger of sacrificing individuality and authentic human connections in pursuit of efficiency, pleasure, and control until John (the savage) came. What if they knew what it’s like to have a family?. There’s something that you can find after you know about the other aspect. I could be aware of some good points about the world we live in by understanding the brave new world, which is a bleak and oppressive vision of society. We never know until we start to doubt the present situation. It starts with finding mistakes. And keep chasing what we truly want.

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