Personal Writing #3

I am bored, so very bored,

Because for days I have been sick.

I sat down at the piano to learn a new chord,

But that didn’t do the trick.


I found a new show,

In hopes to make things less dull,

But that only took an hour or so.

Instead, I looked outside and saw a gull.


The tissues I hoard,

My head feels thick.

I am bored, so very bored,

Because for days I have been sick.






Personal Writing #3: ECUAD

“Okay, guys, let’s take a break for lunch. Make sure to clean up your brushes and scrape off your palates. See you back at 1”.

I look over at Maddy. Her hands are covered in charcoal and she’s staring intently at a black smudge on her, otherwise, white shorts. I can almost hear her thoughts. She desperately wants to brush the charcoal dust off her shorts, but can’t figure out a way to do it without making more of a mess. Oh, Maddy. She’s using her elbow.

In front of me is my canvas. I’ve sketched out long delicate aloe leaves. They look smooth, and at the same time spiky. They way aloe plants are. I pack up my paint tubes and head towards my locker. I spin the dial clockwise, counter clockwise and clockwise again. I give the lock a sharp yank, and it pops open. I notice Leah looking towards me. She’s helped me open my locker the last two days in a row when I couldn’t figure out the combination. I give her a triumphant grin and she laughs.

Heading down the stairs, I see the doors leading to the foyer. I swear, those doors are the bane of my existence. Push, or pull? It’s a fifty-fifty situation. I can never remember which way. I pull. Nope. Push. No one’s around, but I do a quick check to make sure.

I’m munching on my croissant sandwich and the tomatoes keep plopping out the bottom. My fingers are stained with ink. There is paint caked under my nails. Viridian 195. Maddy is standing on the periphery of the lunch hall. With both hands she holds her metal bento box style lunch container. She is just standing there. I wave her over and she looks relieved. Over lunch, Analiese tells us she wants to shave her head and get it tattooed like the Avatar.

It is week two at the Emily Carr Junior Art Intensive. Everyone here is an art nerd.

I love it.

Personal Writing #3

Every so often when I’m bored, I walk around the storage room in my house. I’ve found rather interesting things in my explorations to that cluttered room. In this text, I’ll list, and describe some personal favorites. My absolute favorite is our hat trunk. I’m not quite sure if trunk is the right word to use, because it looks closer to an oversized toolbox than what most people would consider a trunk. I have always known this existed, but it seems that every time I look in it something new appears, which is rather confusing as we have not added to it in roughly three years. There’s those ear-headband things, light-up hats, santa hats, viking helmets and a pilot hat (still confused as to why we bought that one), just to name a few. I’ve also discovered multiple instruments, including a twelve-string guitar, which wouldn’t be too odd, but I am very sure no one in our house has ever played it. We also have a mass amount of baby toys (and a highchair), even though my brother is eleven years old. Though now I have a little cousin so they do come in handy. Alongside all this there is our twelve sleeping bags and boxes of other assorted camping gear.

The rest I can’t really describe, so ill just list them off; about 20 buckets of paint, golf clubs (that I’m pretty sure haven’t been touched since the Industrial Revolution), cotton “snowballs”, an oven that heats up to a few hundred degrees celsius, a closet door, random pieces of assorted wood and little characters from the Minions version of the board game “Trouble”. I deeply hope that I come across more entertaining pieces of clutter in my future visits.

Nyah Sharratt – 11/24

I’ll Stay Home

Oh, the people outside are frightful

But my bed is so delightful

And since I’ve no place to go

I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home.


The traffic doesn’t show signs of stopping

And I’ve got me some YouTube for watching

The blinds are shut tightly closed, so

I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home.


When I finally overcome my fright

How I’ll hate going out with a moan

But if I it really wraps me tight

Every day I’ll feel at home!


And the stores are slowly closing

But, my dear, I’ll still be avoiding

All the public bathrooms so

I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home.

Personal Writing #3


Every Sunday for the past seven weeks I have had basketball training with The Grind, a basketball organization with elite teams. I have one more week left of the training camp. My goal is to show myself and my skill to the coaches, so I have a better chance in tryouts. I will be writing about my last week’s performance. Getting through the drills is always the hard part because it requires critical thinking and understanding. The coaches do not explain the drill much.

“If you don’t know, go to the back of the line and watch!” Is what the coach tells us. Since it was the seventh week, I felt confident enough with the drills. Once they were over, we played scrimmage. I used my strengths which is mainly rebounding, defense, and layups. My best play of the game was when I got the defensive rebound dribbled all the way down the court like a point guard and finished with a spin move layup through two guys. Overall, it was one of my best practices. Unfortunately, it was also the one practice where the head coach wasn’t there.

Singapore school (PW #1)

Before i migrated to Canada, i lived in Singapore for my whole life. I was in the Singapore Sports School for 2 years before i joined Brookes Westshore. I specialised in the 10 meter air pistol category while i was in the Singapore Sports School. My Mother represented Singapore for the National team for shooting also when she was in her late teens and early twenties, so i had gotten introduced to shooting from a young age as i would be in the stands right behind watching her as she shot. I attended shooting lessons twice a week since i was 11 coached by a ranked 7 in Asia, he was a true professional and i had learnt so much and gained wisdom through the hundreds of lessons he taught me. When i was 12, i attended my first Singapore cup, i had gotten the details mixed and only started my first shot thirty minutes later then everyone, this meant that i only had forty-five minutes remaining in my first competition. The anxiety was overwhelming, but this aided to my adrenaline to help me focus better than the average shooter, i thrived on my anxiety and had won my first Singapore cup ( open category ) at twelve years old. I had achieved a score of 536 out of 600, this was an average score of a  proficient high school athlete. My coaches were as shocked as the older shooters i had scored higher than. Many great coaches had noticed me in that competition, including the coach at the Sports School. This helped me greatly in applications and it was an effortless enrolment into the prestigious ranked 2 School in Singapore.

IRJE #2: Handmaid’s Tale

The book that i am reading now is titled “The Handmaids Tale” I have finished the first chapter of this book and i have found the book interesting to read.

The book is about Offred, the narrator of the story whom describes sleeping on army cots in a gymnasium with other women. Aunt Sara and Aunt Elizabeth patrol with electric cattle prods slung around their waists, and the women are forbidden from speaking aloud, whisper to avoid drawing attention. The women walk in the former football field twice a day, which is surrounded by a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire. Angels, armed guards, patrol the perimeter. The Angels stand outside the fence with their backs to the women while the women go for their walks. The women yearn for the Angels to notice them. They believe that if the men look at them or talk to them, they will be able to use their bodies to make a statement.

I like that the book is nicely paced with words that i find slightly challenging but i learn new words from it.


This summer I went to Whistler. I don’t usually go to Whistler in the summer, I usually go in the winter to go skiing. But, when I went with my dad after coming from my golf tournament in Prince George, it was super hot. We got there, got our hotel room, which I believe was the Four Seasons. And when we were checking in, the reception guy that helped us, told us there was a shooting, and two people died. Most of the restaurant’s were closed because of it. So, for dinner me and my dad had to go to one of the only places open by the time we started walking to the town square, which was a Japanese Restaurant. It was actually really good.

The reason for the shooting was apparently a couple people that came up from Surrey, Vancouver, and tried to take money from a store, and held two people at gunpoint, and continued to kill them.

It was kind of scary to hear, knowing that I was going to stay in that place for the next 2 days. Anyways, the next day we went for breakfast, which was. amazing, and we went on the gondola that took us to the peak to peak at the top of the ski hill.

Other then the first day, it was a good trip, and I love staying at Whistler, it was just very different then from being there in winter when its snowing and cold.

Personal Writing #3 Aidan Bisgrove

On Monday, Nov 21st I went to Tim Hortons again with Armando and Dyan this time and we left at 12:00 sharp and we walked which took us 8 ish minutes because we ran there and when we got there I bought them both ice caps, and me a donut. I only bought them stuff because we made a bet and I lost the bet so after we got food we start walking back. When we come to the opening of the thrifty a truck came up and we were about to cross Dylan and I let the truck go through but Armando had other plans so instead of just lifting his hand up in a thank you gesture he stood in front of the truck and put his hand up almost like he was commanding the truck to stop and while he had his hand up he started getting lower and lower to the ground and at the once he passed and so did we he had almost fell onto the ground and on the way back we were laughing so hard because of how stupid he looked whilst doing whatever he was trying to do.


The novel Picnic at Hanging Rock By Joan Lindsay is about a group of female students at an Australian Boarding school. they vanish at Hanging Rock while on a Valentines Day picnic. Their disappearance has  intense effects  on the on the school and the local community. Two things that stood out to me was how Lindsay presents the ideas of freedom and control in different manners, exploring the motivation behind control, and its consequences. Control is portrayed as futile, as the strict regime at Appleyard college and societal pressure at the Fizhubert manor only exacerbates the character’s desire for freedom and exploration, rather than repress it. Freedom is presented as an inevitability. The more a character is controlled and made to conform to a certain set of behaviours, the stronger their desire to escape said control becomes.

One way Lindsay presents ideas of freedom and control is through the portrayed futility of control, ultimately resulting in freedom. This notion is depicted through the change of behaviour in Micheal and the three girls, and the consequent disappearance of the girls – excessive control and restriction being  being the catalyst for this. Mrs Appleyard’s instructions to the girls before the picnic depicts the stern control the girls faced daily.

I have instructed Mademoiselle that as the day is likely to be warm, you may remove your gloves… Once again let me remind you that the Rock itself is extremely dangerous and you are therefore forbidden to engage in any tomboy foolishness in the matter of exploration

This furthers the idea that control is futile, because the girls ignore Mrs Appleyard’s warnings and proceed to explore the rock, leading to their disappearance. Mrs Appleyards meticulous control backfires, as it only exacerbates the curiosity of the curiosity of the girls, from a very traditional, very wealthy English family.

IRJE #3 “loveless”

I’m currently reading a book called “loveless” by Alice Oceman. This book is about a teenage girl who hasn’t experienced being in love with someone and that makes her feel different from the other teenagers. The book tells us what she is been through to discover who she is and why she feels that way.



I came back to the words until they felt real in my mind, at least. Maybe they wouldn’t be real in most people’s minds. But I could make them real in mine, I could do whatever I wanted.

I’m not sure when I realized that I was no longer feeling melancholic distress about my sexuality. The woe is me, I’m loveless. (p. 297)

This quotation is important because here is where she fouds out why she felt that way. The moment of realization is important because now she can focus on discovering more about herself and know she is not alone.

Basketball game (PW #2)


On November 11, 2022, I had a run and gun basketball game at Spectrum Community School. I was the point-guard, the point-guard is the one that brings up the ball and makes a play so the team can score. At the end of the game, I had 20 points, but we lost. I didn’t care about our loss since run and gun is basically so teams can practice by having a scrimmage. My best mate during the game was Hassan Mahommed, I was throwing him lobs and dunks and he was finishing them. My best mate during the game was Hassan Mahommed, I was throwing him lobs and dunks and he was finishing them.  

About my weekly day

I have nothing special to do after school. I have three ASAs, on Monday I have hip hop and she united, on Tuesday and Thursday I have golf. On other days, I take a nap, do my homework, shower, do exercise to lose my weight and go to bed. I always call my friends or watch anime on Netflix when I have nothing to do. I consult and advise to my friends because many of them are studying abroad now. It is little hard for us to live without our parents, so we need to help each other. After I call with my friends, I feel chill and reassured. However, I think I need to change my lifestyle because I sometimes go to bed really late because of the jet lug and my screen time of snapchat exceeded two hours a day last week. So I turned off the notification of it. I hope it works.

The first time I saw the light – A poem:

I saw the light:

I woke up the same as any other day,

Got dressed,

Made breakfast,

Outside, it wasn’t even grey.

Off to school,

Early like usual,

But something felt off,

Yet not like a cough.

After a class,

Or two,

I drink a glass,

And still, I feel a little bit blue.

I call my mom,

I act all calm,

All I wanted to do was cry,

But I kept cool and went with a lie.

Soon enough school was over,

I went home,

Found a three-leaf clover,

And was all alone.

After dinner we watch some tv,

My mom said I look tired as far as she could see.

Off to bed I go,

It took a while to fall asleep though.

“Oh, S..a I hope you’re okay”

Over the sirens, that’s all I hear them say.

All I’m thinking about is my sister,

About how much I’ll miss her.


Turns out that was not the last time I would see the light.

IRJE#3 – It Ends with Us

I am reading “It Ends with Us” by Colleen Hover. The book is about 2 people: Ryle Kincaid and Lily Bloom who meet at Andrew, Lilys dad’s funeral. Her dad was very abusive towards Lilys mom Jenny. He also put Lilys first love in the hospital and called Lily a “shame to the family” after he found out that she was dating a homeless man.

Ryle is a work driven person who is too focused on his career to have a relationship, whereas Lily wants to have a relationship and not just being “used” for his pleasure.

“You should try my method” he says

Which is?

“One-night stands” He raises an eyebrow, like it’s an invitation.

I’m glad it’s dark because my face is on fire “I could never sleep with someone if I didn’t see it going anywhere.” Pg. 23

This is a conversation Lily and Ryle had when they were together in an apartment. He admits that he is aware that all he focuses on is his career and doesn’t make time for himself which is why the thought of a committed relationship does not appeal to him.

Mitsu – Chapter 1 – PW #2

Chapter 1 – Michael Stevenson

I am not a lazy person; people just don’t get it. Whenever I have something very important to do, I do it immediately to avoid the consequences, and look where that got me, detention; fourth time this week. It seems that Michael has been messing with my computer again and deleted all my schoolwork as a “prank”. That idiot thinks he’s the funniest person in the world, and according to my classmates, he is! Well, at least for me and Jennifer, and sometimes Liam. When the due date arrived, I had nothing to submit and instead I’m the one getting in trouble. Next time I see that Michael, things are gonna get ugly.

“Anthony, Mr. Bowman is waiting for you in his office”

VERY ugly

Once I start walking down the hallway, I spot Michael leaning against the wall staring back at me with a big smirk. Once I reach Mr. Bowman’s office, a teacher closes the door behind me.

“Anthony, take a seat. So, what’s been going on?”

Mr. Bowman, the school superintendent asks me an obvious question in a desperate attempt to make me confess for something I didn’t do

“I’m not exactly sure, I thought this was about the late assignment, but things seem to be more serious than for it to be just that.” I reply.

“14 Missing assignments, abusing phone privileges, prank calling random parents; what didn’t you do?”

“I have been using my phone certain times during class and I admit, that was wrong; but I’ve never prank called anyone…?”

I might’ve done one tiny little thing, but I swear, it’s the only thing I have done. Thanks to Michael’s father being the school principal, they look at Michael as this principled, well-behaved kid who wouldn’t hurt a fly. They just haven’t seen his other side; he surely does a great job of hiding it.

“It must’ve been Michael; I couldn’t think of anyone else doing such a thing.”

“I think I have had enough of your shenanigans; you’ll be serving the rest of your week’s lunch time in detention. Look, I’ll make a deal with you. If I see you in my office one more time, you’re suspended. Take this as a warning.

“I understand…”

Ok, maybe I have had a rough history but that’s way too much! Its no use arguing over it, It would just make things worse.

“And don’t forget to hand in your assignments by Monday!”

And I must do that too.

“Well, how did it go this time?”

Jennifer stands in front of me with her arms crossed.

“What do you think? Didn’t you see the way he looked at me?”

Once I saw Mr. Bowman’s expression, I knew I was as good as dead.

“Maybe we should talk somewhere else; I don’t want to be anywhere near that guy.”

“Anthony why are you always getting in trouble? It almost seems like you live in his office.”

“Don’t ask me…”

I have no idea what I do that gets me into these situations, maybe its because of

“Look, please try to get out of trouble. At least until the trip.”

Jennifer has a point; I can’t afford not going to the trip. Ever since we were young, we were constantly told about the infamous trip to Berlin that the 11th graders would go nearing the end of the year. Its been our dream ever since we were little and if I would get suspended, I couldn’t live with myself.

“And don’t be late for class. And don’t forget to do the American Civil War presentation, I don’t want to end up doing it all like last time.”

So much stuff to do. If I don’t do my part, Jennifer would probably start hating me again.

“Got it?”

“Yes! Ok, geez…”

Jennifer glares at me in confusion and walks away.

That could’ve gone better.

“What? Did Mr. Bowman catch you snoozing again?

Liam, my long-time friend stops me in my path

“You look tired, did you get any sleep last night? It looks like you’re going to pass out!”

“no… My sister kept slapping me with a pillow. It was for a ‘science experiment'”

“Maybe I caught you at a bad time, lets talk during lunch.”

“I have detention…”

“After school it is. Plus, we still have to decide what we’re going to do in Berlin.”





“Mom I’m home.”

“Hey Anthony, how was school today?”



“What did you do?”


“What did you do in school? We aren’t paying for nothing.”


“Hey Liam, how was JENNIFER today.”

“We’re not starting this again.”

“You talk about her all night, and you kiss her mwah mwah”

“Kaitlyn, go to your room. show some respect!”

What was that about?

“I made you dinner sweetie, I left it on the counter.”

“Thanks mom.”

“I hope you have a great trip tomorrow sweetie; you mean the world to me!”

“Mom, it’s only a week, I’ll be fine.”

“I know, I won’t be able to give you a proper goodbye since you have to get up early.”


“I know you will, that’s why you’re my big boy!”


“And you’re flying FIRST CLASS! You’re getting the full package!”


“I’m just teasing, I hope you have a wonderful trip”

“HA! Momma’s boy”

“Kaitlyn, apologize to your brother! I’m sorry she’s been like this these days, she’s been having some school related issues ever since she started kindergarten.”

” Tell me about it”

Villainy Unmasked

The final few chapters of The School for Good and Evil: a world without princes revolves around the Trial by Tales that the deans of both schools for girls and boys have set up for their students. At the end, Agatha reunites with Tedros while Sophie is heartbroken that her best friend is stolen from her once again. Shattered, Sophie makes a wish to see her mother again, a wish that Dean Evelyn granted.

The ghost [of her mother] smiled lovingly at her, and Sophie fell to her knees.

….“Is it you? Are you my true love?” Sophie asked her mother, eyes wide.

Her mother smiled. “You have to trust me.”

“I do trust you,” said Sophie, tears running. “You’re the only one who knows who I am.”

Evelyn shows her true Evil by using Sophie’s vulnerability to complete her goal: bring the dead Schoolmaster, who she loves, back to life. Because Sophie is grieving her passed mother, Evelyn uses this opportunity to put the Schoolmaster as a form of Sophie’s mother’s phantom. Only a true love kiss can bring someone back to life, just like in fairy tales. This leads to the resurrection of the Schoolmaster. This quote reminds me that many people will exploit your own sadness to get their way, and to be careful of others intentions. 


I am currently reading It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover. It is a sequel to It Ends with Us. Lily Bloom and her ex-husband, Ryle Kincaid, have just settled into a  coparenting rhythm when she suddenly bumps into, Atlas Corrigan, again. After nearly two years separated, she is ecstatic that for once, time is on their side, and she immediately says yes when Atlas asks her on a date. Atlas then says;

“You can stop swimming now, Lily. We have finally reached the shore”

Atlas said this because he knows that when he was a teenager he was homeless  living in and abandoned house across the street from Lily. When Lily was a teenager she watched as her father beat up her mother. He knew that the both of them went through tough times but, now that they are adults and have their own businesses they are both thriving.



In the book The Deal, by Elle Kennedy, Hannah is a university student and has just been given her midterm grade, found out that she is the only one who had aced it. She looks around her and sees Justin, Hannah has the world’s biggest crush on him. He looked back at her and gave her a slight smile. As soon as class is over she stands up and starts heading out of the lecture hall with her friend when she realizes she had forgotten something. She hurries inside and  sees Garrett Graham the captain of the hockey team. He is still sitting in his seat gripping is midterm as tightly as possible. She inquires about what is making him mad and sees that he had gotten a C-. He then looks up and sees that Hannah had gotten an A and immediately asks if she could tutor him. SHe refuses and walks away. Over the next few days every time Garrett sees Hannah he keeps asking and she keeps refusing. Until one day Hannah agrees when garrett says he knows how to help her get with Justin. Over the next few weeks Hannah helps Garrett study for the retake. Garrett and Hannah start to fall for eachother and thats when he realizes

“Sometimes people sneak up on you and suddenly you don’t know how you ever lived without them.”(p.554)

I like this quote because I relate to it. When I came to Canada I refused to make any new friends because I didn’t want to forget about my old ones. But after I met my best friends I realized that when people sneak up on you, you forget how you could have ever lived without them.

IRJE #3 – Arsené Lupin

By continuing with the novel “The Tales of Arséne Lupin”, the main character, Arśene Lupin’s identity and information have been fully revealed, and he has turned out to be a thief. As he further on continued his thievery, he is, later on, finds himself arrested by the police, with his details being leaked to the public:

“Arsène Lupin is on your vessel, first cabin, blonde hair, wound right fore-arm, traveling alone under name of R……..”

At that moment, a terrible flash of lightning rent the stormy skies. The electric waves were interrupted. The remainder of the dispatch never reached us. Of the name under which Arsène Lupin was concealing himself, we knew only the initial.

If the news had been of some other character, I have no doubt that the secret would have been carefully guarded by the telegraphic operator as well as by the officers of the vessel. But it was one of those events calculated to escape from the most rigorous discretion. The same day, no one knew how, the incident became a matter of current gossip and every passenger was aware that the famous Arsène Lupin was hiding in our midst. (170)

By this, the author gives the reader further details of the mysterious Arséne Lupin and paves the way for his future actions. The book is yet to have an ending, with about four chapters left. I am curious about what would happen next and am looking forward to reading further into the book.


I am reading the catcher and the rye by J.D Salinger in the book talks about a boy named holden who is having a hard time in school flunking all the exams and failing almost all his classes. In the book, he talks about how his brother died and you can see that because his brother died he is still going through depression and sadness that’s why he can’t pay attention in school.

He says “I wrote about my brother’s Allies baseball mitt. It was a very descriptive subject. It really was. My brother Allie had this left-handed fielder’s Mitt. He was left-handed.”   

he also says “He’s dead now. He got leukemia and died when we were up in Maine, on July 18, 1946. You’d have liked him. He was 2 years younger than I was and about fifty times as intelligent.”  (pg.45)


When reading these lines I thought about my grandma and how she had died from cancer a couple of years ago. I thought about how she was always there for me and how she was also an incredibly happy intelligent person. After the first couple weeks of her being gone and disappearing from my life, I really couldn’t do everything the same and I couldn’t even pay attention during classes, I would have many sleepless nights thinking about her until I finally took control of myself though about what she would say if she was still alive. These lines made me really understand what the character felt and it made me have a good connection with him because I knew what he was going through. 

IRJE3 “All For You”

I want talk about how the author handle readers’ mind. I sometimes feel like it plays into the author’s hands when I read this book. It means he is really good at expressing situations and feelings.

The figure is still there.


For what?

For who?

Shivers snake down Connor’s spine as he pushes into his hallway then locks the door behind him.


But even here he doesn’t feel safe.

Since Tyler vanished nowhere feels safe.

He put the sentence “Home” before he wrote Connor’s feelings. This word works like an exclamation by putting only the word. What do we imagine when we hear the word “home”? Probably, family, relief and positive words. However, the atmosphere is radically changed by this next sentence. There is no family in his house. These is no relief in his house. The air is only stagnant and sinking. No lights and no hope. This book uses these techniques to make my emotions going up and down violently. The tension is always so great that it makes us impossible to take our eyes off from each sentence.


A Horoscope Without the Time is Fairly Worthless- IRJE #3

My current read is Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczyk. This Polish book was published in 2009, and it is a novel about an ageing woman in a reclusive village, who has a reputation to villagers as a crank. Janina is an avid believer in astrology and spends much of her time translating the poems of William Blake and conversing with animals. Soon, she inserts herself into an investigation of dead bodies turning up around her. While she is (somewhat) trying to help, she isn’t taken as seriously by many, as her unapologetically odd tendencies vex the readers, and even her closest friends.  

Obtaining a date of birth is relatively easy. All it takes is an identity card, or just about any other document, and sometimes, by chance, it turns up on the Internet. Dizzy has access to all sorts of lists and tables, though I won’t elaborate here. But what really matters is the time of birth. That’s not recorded in the documents, and yet it’s the time that’s the real key to a Person. A horoscope without the time is fairly worthless- we know WHAT, but we don’t know HOW and WHERE. (p. 116) 

I find this quotation extremely entertaining, mostly because of how strange it is. It truly shows Janina’s strange nature, and her thought process. Throughout much of the novel, Janina lets her thoughts and imagination run heedlessly. Her prattling on is rather entertaining, and somewhat concerning. It makes you wonder, why is she collecting horoscopes in the first place, and why she feels the need to look so deeply into other people’s lives? Personally, I find that looking into horoscopes this deeply is quite comical. Many would believe that a horoscope with or without time is quite worthless anyways.  

irje #3

I have continued reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. These words said by Darcy really captured my attention. “A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.” chapter 6, pg5. The context of these words are that earlier in the novel Darcy was obligated to accept he had feelings for Elizabeth Bennett. Meanwhile Caroline Bingley flirted with him. Caroline asked what was he thinking about and he responded. How pretty Elizabeth’s eyes were but made it sound has a joke. So Darcy keeps up the joke because he knew she was going to ask that because women are always thinking about marriage. He complained that he couldn’t made a compliment without all the girls thinking he wants to get married.

I like this quote because eventhough it is a tongue-in-cheek quote. It’s is true  in Jane Austins novel women tempt to make marriage a central priority or obsession. So many Women like Caroline Bingley are alert for competition. It is meaningful because it shows how all the ladies in Pride and Prejudice with just one compliment that made ideas that goes from admiration to love and then to marriage.

IRJE #3: Iron Widow

In the book Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao there are these large monster like creatures, called Hunduns, that are trying to break into the peoples home. The people use the dead corpses of the Hunduns to create Chrysalis to keep them out of the city. There is a girl who gets sold by her family to help pilot one of the Chrysalis. The book continues with how she becomes one of the best pilots, powers up their Chrysalis and then near the last part of the book when Zetian is fighting with every other Chrysalis, trying to wipe them out once and for all, something happens that changes the whole plot of the book.

“Zetian, it’s all a lie! Everything’s a lie!”

I blink. “I know-”

“No it’s nothing about the pilot system! It’s the planet! This isn’t our planet!”

“What . . . ?” I breath. In the yin seat, Qin Zheng stirs sharply to attention.

Yizshi sounds so winded that he struggles to speak. “My people recovered a quartz drive of documents in the planet rubble. The entire idea that the Hunduns destroyed our previous civilization- its not real! Our ancestors were dropped onto this planet! The Hunduns are the natives not us-!”

(page. 390)

I chose this part as it made me quiet confused as well as shocked. The author had written the book, building up this whole image in my head. The way everything was written suggested that the Chrysalis had inavded the planted. However in the last chapter or so the writer completely destroyed that thought, instead making it the humans who had invaded, and destroyed their home, though most were unaware of that.

Like a white rabbit in the snow

In the book, The First To Die At The End Deathcast is a new service that calls you on the day that you will die to tell you that you will die. Since Deathcast has just launched there is a bug in their mysterious system that they use to predict the deaths. The bug is that 12 people who are signed up will not be called and 11 people have died without being called. Valentino was called, but Orion was not and Orion has a rare heart condition where he has heart attacks often. Once the public was told about the bug Orion and Valentino headed back to Orion’s apartment to stay there for a while.

I feel the tension in my chest, like my heart is being choked out. I’m too scared to even breathe because I might breathe too gay. I know that might sound like overkill to someone, but unless they’ve done years in the Bronx, I’m not interested in what they have to say. Body language is everything when you’re trying to stay alive. Think of all the animals in the wild who will bluff and have you thinking they’re tough as fuck when maybe they’ve never fought for their lives before.

Valentino has got muscles, but can he fight? I can fight, but I don’t have the muscles to win, so I try to blend in, camouflage like a white-passing rabbit in the snow. That means not drawing attention to myself by holding the hand of the boy I really like. It’s heartbreaking to even have these thoughts, but that’s where we’re at up here.

I chose this quote because I relate to having to hide in plain sight to be ignored or left alone. I also liked the simile used in the second paragraph “so I try to blend in, camouflage like a white-passing rabbit in the snow.” It’s horrible how people can treat you so differently just because of who you like or how you dress or your colour of skin or anything else.


In the book It Ends With Us, by Colleen Hoover, The day Lily Bloom delivers her father’s eulogy is the day she leaves her hometown in Maine for the bustling city of Boston. A few months after she moved to Boston she meets Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon on a rooftop balcony. He enters the balcony looking very angry and doesn’t notice lily until until she clears her throat, the two of them get to talking and they come up with something called a ‘naked truth’. A ‘naked truth’ is telling the raw truth with no filter. This is when Lily starts explaining how she felt like a terrible person, when she sometimes looked forward to when her father would be abusive toward her mother, because for a few weeks after he would take them out to dinner and would be really nice to the both of them. After hearing this story Ryle then reassured Lily by saying;

“There is no such thing as bad people. We’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.” (p.17)

This quote has allowed me to change the way I view the other people around me. For example, when someone has been a little bit cranky towards me I now don’t assume they are a bad person, I just think of what they are going through and how maybe that is why they are doing or saying bad things.


In the book Rebel by Marie Lu, Daniel and Eden are two brothers whose lives have been changed by a civil war that killed their parents. The two brother used to be really close but now that their parents had died, Daniel has to act as a parent is is really protective of his little brother Eden. As a result they have grown apart and don’t understand each other as well. Daniel starts to realize this and make an effort to get to know his little brother and make sure he understands him. Both the brothers realize how important family is and try to understand all the traumatic things they went through together.

I cry for all the lives that our pasts have set on different paths-for June’s loss of her family, for Tess’s loss of her childhood, for Daniel becoming a parent when he was himself just a boy. I cry because I’m grateful that we still, inspire of everything, have all found each other.

Because sometimes, broken pieces find a way to make a new whole. (p. 270)

I picked this quote because I liked the line that said broken things can make new wholes. I think it paints a visual picture that clearly represents their situation. I also like that it takes a word that has a very harsh, sad meaning and turns it into something that is positive.

The Handmaids Tale IRJE

The handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood is a science fiction tragedy novel about a woman living in sexual slavery around the year 2005. The main characters in this book are Serena joy, Olfglen, and professor pieixoto. This book shows how unfairly women were treated back a long time ago and it shows how people were abusing their power.

“This week Janine doesn’t wait for us to jeer at her. It was my fault, she says. It was my fault. I led them on. I deserved the pain.”  (pg 72)

This shows that in the book the women were told to blame themselves for everything even if something like sexual assault were to happen to them It’s important because people who read this book should recognize the unjust way of thinking and oppose sexism such as this.

In my honest opinion, this book is very insightful and brutal at the same time and I think that it is worth a read if you are interested in it.

IRJE #3: You can’t eat art . . . 

Michael Chabon explores the artistry and acumen of Will Eisner in the essay, ‘Thoughts on the Death of Will Eisner’ from his book, Maps and Legends. Chabon attributes Eisner’s wildly successful career as a comic book creator to not only his talent as an illustrator, but his skill as a businessman. The dichotomy that artists must choose to either be righteous and starving, or a shameful sellout is discussed.

Sometimes it’s hard, trying to make art you know you can sell without feeling you are selling it out. And then sometimes it’s hard to sell the art you have made honestly without regard to whether or not anyone will ever want to buy it. You hope to spend your life doing what you love and need and have been fitted by nature or God or your protein-package to do: write, draw, sing, tell stories. But you have to eat. Will Eisner knew that. (p. 143)

As an aspiring artist, I wonder about my future. This passage leads me to wonder; do artists make art for themselves or for others? Personally, I make art that I like without much considerations to what anyone else thinks. But when I am older, if I want to survive as an artist, I realize I will need patrons. Will this affect the art I create? In society, the role artists play is to initiate new perspectives and spark reflection on who we are. Art is the impetus to contemplate divergent views. If artists are simply creating what people want to see, then art is not serving its purpose.

IRJE – Good Habits, Good Students by E.T.MacKnight:

The book Good Habits, Good Students by E.T.MacKnight is “A Complete Guide for Students Who Want to Succeed”. The main ideas I pulled from reading it were, that in order to be a good student, we need good habits. Good habits may come from asking parents to remind us to read, study and do homework; making sure to get enough sleep, exercise, and water so that we’re ready to learn the next day; or setting achievable goals to help us stay focused. My favorite thing from this book was how it talked about making realistic goals, and to focus on one goal or area that needs the most improvement rather than feeling overwhelmed trying to fix multiple simultaneously;

Don’t try to solve all your problems at once. Pick just one area that needs improvement, and work on it until you’ve reached your goal. To turn your achievement into a new habit, repeat the behavior you are practicing until it becomes automatic.

Set a realistic goal. Decide in advance what you need to do to meet the goal, how you will measure success and what your deadline will be. If you fail to reach the initial goal, revise it and try again. (Ch 3, Pg 7)

I found this part particularly helpful because it is speaking truth, and although we may know that, occasionally we will need to be reminded that good habits don’t come easily. If we make unrealistic goals, we may become upset or feel like giving up. But if our goal is not being achieved, change the goal, go one step at a time, and try again. Once we meet the goal, it becomes an achievement and now we can turn it into a good habit that can improve our education and/or our day to day life.

This book has been very useful and I would highly recommend reading it if you are needing a reminder of how to become a better student or simply wanting an informative read.

IRJE: Losing a brother

This IRJE will be talking about The Catcher in the Rye a novel by J.D. Salinger. The main character in this novel is Holden Caulfield and unfortunately his little brother (Allie) had died from cancer. This affected his mental health significantly. Holden’s brother Allie was an important aspect of his life and talks about him.

“What?” I said to old Phoebe. She said something to me, but I didn’t hear her. 

“You can’t even think of one thing.” 

“Yes, I can. Yes, I can.” 

“Well, do it, then.” 

“I like Allie,” I said. “And I like doing what I’m doing right now. Sitting here with you, and talking, and thinking about stuff, and–“ 

“Allie’s dead–You always say that! If somebody’s dead and everything, and in Heaven, then it isn’t really–“ 

“I know he’s dead! Don’t you think I know that? I can still like him, though, can’t I? Just because somebody’s dead, you don’t just stop liking them, for God’s sake– especially if they were about a thousand times nicer than the people you know that’re alive and all.” (pp. 184-185) 

This quote upsets me because I also have a little brother whom I really love, and I can’t even imagine how life would be without him. Though I don’t know what losing a close relative feels like but I can see why this puts a lot of distress on anyone who has. 

Sex versus Sexuality: An IRJE for “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo”

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a beautiful and heart-breaking book about fame, love, and identity. The main character, Monique, is a struggling journalist who is asked to do an interview with Evelyn Hugo, a famous actress who is now in the later years of her life, by the woman herself. Monique is surprised, to say the least, and is even more astonished when Hugo admits she doesn’t just want to do an interview with Monique. She wants to give Monique her whole life story and have Monique write her biography which could sell for millions of dollars. As Monique learns about Hugo’s life, many secrets are revealed, but one of the most significant ones is her identity. Hugo tells Monique that she is bisexual, and that throughout all of her marriages and husbands, she was secretly in love with another actress, Celia St. James. Near the end of Hugo’s life story, Monique asks her about her relationship with Celia:

“Did being bisexual put a strain on your relationship?” I want to make sure to portray her sexuality with all of its nuance, in all of its complexity.

“What do you mean?” she asks. There is a slight edge to her voice.

“You lost the woman you loved because of your sexual relationships with men. I think that’s relevant to your larger identity”

Evelyn listens to me and considers my words. Then she shakes her head. “No, I lost the woman I loved because I cared about being famous as much as I cared about her. It had nothing to do with my sexuality.”

“But you were using your sexuality to get the things from men that Celia couldn’t give you.”

Evelyn shakes her head even more emphatically. “There’s a difference between sexuality and sex. I used sex to get what I wanted. Sex is just an act. Sexuality is a sincere expression of desire and pleasure. That I always kept for Celia.” (pp. 270-271)

What I love about this book isn’t the scandal or the drama: I love how honest Evelyn is about her identity, and how realistic her identity is portrayed. As a person who identifies as bisexual, I found it extremely easy to relate to Evelyn, especially when she talked about her identity. Bisexual representation– just like most queer representation– is extremely lacking, so I was overjoyed to see such fantastic LGBTQ+ characters in The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.



This week I finished the first book in the Narnia series named The Magicians Nephew by C.S. Lewis. At the end of the story Narnia was created and protected from all evil due to the brave acts of the child Digory. He traveled far to fetch a magic apple which he planted in the soil of Narnia upon his return. This brought security to Narnia.

“For this fruit you have hungered and thirsted and wept.” (pg. 198)

This quote stands out to me because it acknowledges the effort and bravery that Digory had to go through. It also makes me feel like there is closure in the book. Digory has completed his journey successfully and now gets to return home knowing that Narnia will be safe.


Independent reading girl in pieces IRJE #3

At this part in the story we have almost no backstory of the character. She barely talks and we don’t even know her name. She’s going back to how she ended up here and talking about her family specifically her mother. She says

my mother was like a crab: she tucked every thing inside and left only her shell. (pg.28)

I know a lot of people deal with emotions differently and this quote specifically stuck out to me because showing your emotions can be a very vulnerable thing. Being open and honest about your trauma in your past makes you very vulnerable to another person. So I think it’s sometimes seems easier to “tuck things inside”. I believe that she is just describing small part of who her mother was, but it helps you understand the character a lot better. And how the way she coped with things shaped her as a person.


In the book Golf is not a game of perfect, written by Bob Rotella, it is about Bob and his career as a coach. Bob is not only a golf coach, but he also majored in phycology. Phycology is a big factor in the game of golf. Keeping your mind in the right place is the key to success. In the second chapter, Bob was in the middle of a lesson with one of his many pro students, Nick Price. Now Nick was struggling with consistency. One day he would play lights out golf, the next day he would play terrible. Bob noticed that how he played usually was decided on the first few holes. If he played well, he would play well the rest of the round, and vice versa. It was all a mental thing. Bob then said this to Nick,

You’re going to have to decide before the round starts how you’re going to think, and do it on every shot. You have to choose to think well.

This was great advice from Bob, and any golfer, no matter the level can use this. It was the perfect advice to help Nick Price out in a pinch, as he had a tournament in a few days. Nick went on to play very well, despite poor starts in 3 out of his 4 rounds. It just goes to show that with the right frame of mind and a determined soul, they can accomplish anything.

The Gravity of Us – IRJE #3

In The Gravity of Us, Phil Stamper has set a scene where the main character Cal has been set in an extremely stressful situation. StarWatch, a reality tv show based on the families of the potential future astronauts. In the beginning of the novel, we learn that Cal has a large fanbase on the video streaming app FlashFame, where he is takes on the role of a journalist. When he was told that he would be moving to support his father’s potential future career, he is told he can no longer stream, as it would interfere with the success of the famous StarWatch show. Regardless of the rules, he continues to stream his experiences to his half-a-million followers. Those who run StarWatch knew about Cal’s fame, and the level of interest it would bring to the show. Eventually Cal finds out that his dad wasn’t invited for himself, but for his son. Cal discovers he’s being used.

I wait for the yelling to start, but it never does. An eerie silence fills the house, so I rush to my tape deck and listen to whatever cassette’s in right now. Dolly’s vocals pump through my headphones, but it doesn’t work. Nothing’s going to get my mind off the events of the past hour. I used to be able to distract myself by being annoyed at my parents and their constant yelling, but this is so bad, no fight could possibly solve it. (p. 232)

In this passage we see a similar scenario as when he found out he had to move. His dad announced that they were moving away, which would completely alter his life plans. He shut it out by locking himself away in his bedroom and listening to music. I found that this scenario was very realistic as it is a way that many teens today handle these types of situations. Music is commonly used as a way to cope with anger, stress, anxiety, sadness and any other emotions similar to those. Overall, this excerpt stood out to me because of its connection to the real world.

Nyah Sharratt – 11/17

IRJE: The Handmaid’s Tale

The fictional country, Gilead uses a variety of methods to brainwash people whose freedom is taken in an instant. They usually educate people about their beliefs by guaranteeing them freedom, but sometimes the book describes them using violence. There are various ways of violence in the book, such as threatening with guns or hiding the “Eyes”, but this is the most noticeable part for me.

He has become an it.

(pg. 322)

Handmaids are the ones whose lives have been changed no matter of their will.  The ones who are different from the ones like commanders who chose to follow Gilead. Therefore, Gilead made a thing called “Particicution.” Gilead attaches fake crimes to the sinners. Those crimes are what handmaids would be particularly angry about, such as causing a woman to miscarry. Handmaids in rage beat the sinners up and get involved in that execution, which is called particicution. Those handmaids, who committed violence, are more effectively brainwashed than any other education. No matter how much they deny Gilead’s wrong ideas, they’ve already beaten and killed sinners. It was impressive because this part emphasized the thorough brainwashing and violence of Gilead.


IRJE Fire and blood

In the first part of fire and blood, the new book that I am currently reading, they introduce us to house Targaryen, a house in the universe of game of thrones and that is one of the most powerful houses which has learned to have dragons as allies. After the wars of conquest, it destroyed a smaller regime which was opposing the house and then it created the kings landing castle. They also introduce us to the founder of the house who si taegon the conqueror and eh expanded a lot the territory of the new house. he united several tribes under one banner and he also made a great standing power. This is shown in the quote “the iron throne will go to the man who is strong enough” which also reflects the power and will necesary to sit on the irn throne and rule over all of weteros even though at the begining Aegon didnt really care a lot about affaris in Westeros but over time and as house Targaryen started gaining power and territory it started to have to get more engaged in politics and foreign affairs. Finally as he started to expand the base of influence of his house he was forced to stablish relationships with other houses.

IRJE : “All This Time”

The book I’m reading is called “All This Time” by Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott.

“Her voice is barely more than a whisper as she finishes the story. “And she knew that she was loved.”

Our eyes lock, and I know this isn’t friendship. All my excuses fall away. I don’t think about if it’s wrong or right or anything. I love her. I love her like the man in the moon loved that girl.”

This quote is important in the story because Kyle is finally accepting his feeling for Marley and doesn’t want to hide them anymore. He wants to try how things work with Marley and wants to give his 100%. They both had been going out and everything feels right for a moment until Kyles mind plays with him and he starts thinking that this isn’t the right thing to do and that he belongs to Kimberly although she’s not there anymore. Kyle is realizing many things and emotions when he’s with Marley. Marley is also going through a loss and she also thinks it’s her fault, same as Kyle.  Kyle sees in Marley all the unspoken things he is feeling. As the story is going on, Kyle tries to open more by telling Marley how he feels, sometimes its hard but he tries his best, he makes this because Kimberly never expressed how she felt and Kyle didn’t like that so he doesn’t want this to happen in his relationship with Marley.

IRJE: Wilder Girls, by Rory Power

I am still continuing Wilder Girls, as I have been getting farther ad farther into the book, it is getting more interesting, and more things that surprise me. One of the main girls, Byatt, goes missing after she had a flare up from the sickness that plays a big part in this book called “The Tox”. Her best friends Hetty and Reese, the main characters, go looking for her, but the only reason that they are “allowed” to leave is because Hetty is on boat shift, the schedule she has be assigned.

Hetty and Reese are terrified to think that Byatt is dead from her flare up. One of the nights they were out looking for her, they see the headmistress, and the head nurse of the clinic, carrying a body bag. They think it is Byatt, but as they wait for them to leave the body bag to go check, Hetty is terrified. They run to the body bag, open it up, it is not Byatt, it is one of the other students that died from one of her flare ups. They are relieved and continue to go back to the school that night.

“My body remembers the shake and the fear as I ran for my life that first time I was out beyond the fence.” (pg. 141.)

This book has a lot of gore which is why it is entertaining to me. It is busy, moves quick, and has different things then i ever could of imagined in a book.

IRJE: #2 It Ends With Us

In the book It Ends With Us by Love by Collen Hoover, one character named Atlas is a homeless boy who was kicked out by his stepfather and mother. There is an abandoned house by Lily Bloom’s house and he has been living there. Lily had helped Atlas, made sure he had food, blankets and eventually they grew close, until he moved away to Boston.  Later in the book Lily runs into him in Boston at a restaurant.

Surely that wasn’t really Atlas. But those eyes- his mouth. I know it’s been years since I saw him, but I’ll never forget what he looked like. It had to be him. I know it was and I know he recognized me, too, because the second our eyes met . . . it looked like he had seen a ghost. (page. 132)

I chose this quote because it brought a punch of emotion with it. After reading about how Lily recalled her memories I felt really sad for Atlas even though he was just a character written in ink. Reading that Atlas had made it through being kicked out and before that abused made me feel quite happy, even if I know its not real but it made me wonder about others who became homeless because of reasons like those. I remember growing up when we saw someone homeless we would try to offer them some things we had, like food, but I had always wondered what had gotten them into that situation.

Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is a very famous singer in Mexico  that sings in Spanish and Italian. Most people  call him “El Sol de Mexico” that means “the Sun of Mexico”.

He started singing at a very young age because his dad was famous in Argentina so they put a lot of pressure on his he would take pill so that he wouldn’t sleep because he had to do school sing go to concerts and write songs.

His mom disappeared and was never found until  this day and his dad died on 1996 by the way  Luis Miguel was the number 1 most listener in Mexico.

I know Luis Miguel because its my dads god  he’s always listening to him so my brother and I are have always loved his music so we know al off his songs.

Some of my favorite songs are: Ahora te puedes Marchar,La Bikina, La Incondicional,Hasta Que Me Olvides,Culpable o no,México en la Piel,Palabra de honor,Cuando Calienta el Sol,La Chica del Bikini Azul,1+1=2 enamorados, Sabes una cosa, Isabel and Fría como el viento peligrosa como el mar.

Canada the forever lasting dream

Řehořka was lying in her hotel room, bored, and empty. She and her family were on vacation in Canada. It was a long journey full of stress. The tiredness fell on them right when they got to their rooms. They dropped all their suitcases and lay on their beds. Řehořka did not do anything now for two days and that was killing her. She was excited to explore more of the wild nature Canada had to give. She loved forests and the peace of nature. After a long time of thinking, Řehořka went to her parents and asked them for the plan.  Their plan was very unsatisfying: laying down and relaxing in the spa. Why didn’t they go somewhere else than Canada then? Řehořka wanted more. She told her parents she’s going out and went to the forest near the hotel. She took everything that the hotel recommended: a bottle of water, good shoes, anti-insect spray, and more. They also warned her about bears being there once in a while but she wasn’t much stressed about that. She knew how to fight.

The forest was darker than she thought but beautifully green. The colors were so vivid, not like in her country with old plain forest with just a few trees. And the trees here were HUGE. Řehořka couldn’t slowly see their top. She loved it. There were just a few more tourists on the way but they disappeared the second she saw them.  She was alone. Řehořka was fine until she realized that something is behind her. It was too scary to turn but she forced herself. There was nothing. Řehořka felt safer but the feeling did not disappear. She decided to go back and found her way to the hotel. It was getting darker and darker. Damn it, thought Řehořka, I forgot to check the time. It was already six, almost time for dinner. She rushed the path but suddenly, the bush right next to her moved. No, not the bush but something in it. Řehořka stood still like never before. The pressure of the scary forest and her imagination paralyzed her in place, unable to move. before she even realized something, there was a grizzly looking her right in the eyes. Řehořka’s mind went blank. She didn’t perceive anything. The only thing she could think about was to survive.

Řehořka started runing for her life but it wasn’t enought.

Personal Writing #1

Every day, millions of teenagers dress in school uniforms to go to school in Japan. However, they’re not willing to do this, they’re forced to dress in school uniforms every day. In my opinion, those restrictions are not necessary and should not be forced by schools because students should have a right to express themselves, and all fees for uniforms are taken from their parents.
Generally, uniforms are used to prove which school you are a student of or when there are formal events. However, schools are forcing students to dress in uniforms everyday. They can’t attend PE with uniforms so they have to change and change them back again after the class ends. This is so inefficient. One of the solutions is to  make a certain date that they have to wear uniforms, like how Brookes does, or announce when we have to dress in uniforms.