Once Unbreakable, Now Torn Apart

In the book The School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes, Agatha sneaks into the boys school to reconcile with Tedros. Unbeknownst to her, Sophie and the Dean has been spying on her, as she was supposed to be on guarding duties with Dot. Sophie now has no trust in her best friend because she promises to be with Sophie until the end. Agatha sees an image of Tedros asking her to go see him at the Schoolmaster’s tower by crossing the bridge; she does so in an attempt to win him back and convert the schools back to its formal state. Dean Sader, the girl’s school dean watches as Agatha runs towards the bridge connecting both schools.

Far behind, in the shadows of the Girls’ blue archway, Dean Sader’s green eyes pierced the fog. But watching her student vanish into the rotted towers, she made no move.

Sophie chasing Agatha. Agatha chasing her prince.

Two friends once unbreakable and now torn apart.

The Dean turned and sauntered back to her castle.

Be careful what you wish for, girls.

Her gap-toothed grin gleamed through darkness.

Be careful of what you wish for, indeed. (187-188)

This passage was interesting to me because not only can I understand Dean Sader’s thoughts about the relationship between Sophie, Agatha, and Tedros, it reveals the Dean Sader’s mysterious and cunning personality as her character unfolds throughout the book. Even if she sees Agatha traveling towards the boy’s school, the Dean refuses to say anything and even continues to watch Agatha. Another interesting thing about this passage is we get the Narrator’s point of view as well. The Narrator emphasizes that the girls needed to be careful of what they wish for. This could be foreshadowing to a wish that one of the girls made, etc.

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