On a Mission- Personal Writing #4

Yesterday, I went to Munro’s. With the wooden floor creaking, and my hair wet from the rain outside, I had a half-an-hour to peruse until my sister would find me. I was looking for a certain book that was recently released by one of my favourite authors. Somehow, I seemed to have looked through every section, and I couldn’t find it. Usually I take at least an hour at the bookstore, so I forced myself to not to get too distracted. The fiction tends to be on the left hand side of the store, so that’s where I spend most of my time.

Weaving through the aisles, I scanned each one thoroughly but quickly. My day was quite stressful, so I enjoyed having a moment alone, with a certain goal in mind. I managed to look through each aisle, even ones not of the same genre of the book I was looking for. In one of these, I found a different book I was interested in. Nevertheless, I grabbed it and continued my search. One might be wondering, why didn’t I just ask a staff member for some help finding it? I couldn’t do so because one of the only staff that wasn’t at the increasingly busy cash register, was helping out another customer.
Alas, I finally found the book. It turned out to be on one of the shelves at the entrance of the store. “New hardcovers”. My sister arrived in the nick of time, and she laughed at my dullness once I told her what happened. My total came up to around seventy dollars; outrageous for only two hardcover books. My gift card and store points came to my rescue that day.

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