My Winter Break

My 2019 winter break was extremely exhausting. I took twelve flights in three weeks, something I never did before. I travelled to Amritsar, located in Punjab, North India, Beas, Bombay (also known as Mumbai), and my home town-Ahmedabad.

In Amritsar, I visited The Golden Temple, which was breathtaking. The temple is surrounded by a sacred pool and a group of buildings important to the Sikh religion. Located on the local highway in Amritsar, Beas is a city of Radha Soami that was created by Jaimal Singh in 1891. Every year, millions of Radha Soami travel to the city of Beas for religious practice.

The city of Bombay in Maharashtra, India, is one of the best-known cities to visit when in India. I travelled to Bombay twice in three weeks for a good wedding shopping experience. It has a ton of clothing and jewellery items for Indian weddings. My home town Ahmedabad, Gujarat, will always be my favourite place to be. It has the most delicious food I have ever tasted.