My Summer Trip to Toronto

Over the summer I did numerous things such as working on my Personal Project, helping my Mother at her fabric shop and spending time with my family. One of the more exciting things I had done was going to Toronto for a week. Before the trip though, my cousin came from Australia and stayed with me and my family for a week. After the enjoyable week we had in Victoria, the two of us went on a plane ride to Toronto. The plane ride was very boring, sleep-depriving, and long. We had taken a direct plane to Toronto, which was around a four-hour flight. Once we had arrived in Toronto, we were picked up by one of my cousins there and he brought us to his house to stay for the next few days. On the first day we spent most of our time at my cousin’s home, but later in the day, we went to watch a movie called “Chal Mera Putt”, which was very funny and enjoyable. After the movie, we went to an Indian restaurant called King Tandoor, we had arrived there at around 10 pm and left there at 1:30 am. The food was of high quality and it was a very enjoyable night for everyone.

On the second day, we went to Downtown Toronto. While in Downtown we went to see the CN Tower and we also went to Ripleys Aquarium. The next several days consisted of us spending time with family, going to Niagra Falls to see the fireworks, and going back to Downtown to see the Kingston market as well as the underground mall. On our last day in Toronto, we spent a couple of hours getting ready for our trip back to Victoria. We left the house early for the flight and made it on time. Another tedious flight and we landed back in Victoria. I then said goodbye to my cousin and he left for his flight back to Australia and I headed back home with my Father.


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  1. I like your story. Glad you had fun. One suggestion is, to try and not repeat the same words within a couple of sentences too much. Great Job!


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