My response to All Quiet on the western front by Erich Maria Remarque

All Quiet on the Western Front, E. M. Remarque was a very emotional story that gave me a feel for how it was to be a soldier in the war, Paul Baummer who was the main character was a normal high school teenager that enjoyed life hanging with his friends, playing games and just having fun. Then out of know where he was called to help the Germans in war with all his friends alongside him, Paul talks about his time before being called to war as a very fun and relaxing time, He talks about how he used to lay in the field with his friends and relax ” We take off our caps and lay them down beside us. The wind plays with our hair; it plays with our words and thoughts.” (pg.8) This shows that when Paul was with his friends, he had lots of good times relaxing and having fun. During this part of the book, I realized Paul was only 2 or 3 years older than me and it showed how much pain he felt and how his surroundings and his attitude changed throughout the book.  


Later on, in the book (chapter 7) Paul talks about how he gets on leave for 6 weeks, he thinks about his friends not knowing if they will survive during his time off, when Paul reaches home he tries to get back to his old self and tries to connect with his family but he just can’t, it’s not the same anymore “I one shelf is filled with the books I used to read, I wanted to think myself back into that time. It is still in the room, I feel it at once, the walls have preserved it.”(pg.170) This shows that when Paul went home he couldn’t go back to his old ways or even talk to his family about what happened because he went through lots of trauma and they wouldn’t understand unless they experienced it for themselves, Paul also knew that he couldn’t just go back home and make everything fine again. 


In conclusion All Quiet on the Western Front,  by E. M. Remarque was a very interesting but very sad and emotional story with lots of lives being lost and lots of teenagers that had to go fight for their country in war, the book ends with Paul dying and I feel that because of the book I Now have a good understanding of what the soldiers went through to help there countries and the trauma that all the young soldiers faces. 






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