My personal Background — Part 1

Hi there! My name is Armaan, my full name is Armaan Singh Tumber and I was born in India. To be more specific though, I was born within the capital of India, New Delhi, in the state of Punjab which borders Pakistan.  Punjab is known as the heart of India’s Sikh community. In Punjab, there is the city of Amritsar, which had been discovered by a Sikh Guru named Guru Ram Das. The city of Amritsar holds within it the holiest gurdwara, (which is a temple for worshiping), called Harmandir Sahib. This is known as the Golden temple in English culture.

As I was saying, I was born in Punjab and lived there until the age of three. When I turned three years old, my parents decided to move to Victoria. Life in Victoria was different compared to India. There was more greenery and the streets were cleaner, as opposed to where I originally lived there were more animals on leashes, which I guess was a good thing, but what affected me the most with moving to Canada was the lack of Indian food in the neighbourhood. In Punjab, you could see cheap food stands all over, but in Victoria, there wasn’t even one insight.

It’s hard to pick a favourite food from India because there were so many delicious foods to eat… I would say that my favoured Indian meal would have to be Samosas. Which are formed in the shape of a triangle, and are stuffed with potatoes and peas, they are often made very crispy and are eaten with a delicious sauce called chutney. I would recommend to whoever is reading this to try a samosa unless of course, you are allergic…