My future life

I have though of my future life many times, all that times I always end up changing something since Im a very indecisive person. I always wanted to have a family and a big house, I would like to have 2 kids. But before this I want to do many things. First of all I want to graduate from college and then start working. I still don’t know what Im going to study but I do know that I don’t want to go to university in Mexico, I prefer studying somewhere else like Spain, Canada, United States, etc. After university I want to start working, become independent and be my own source of money. My dream is to live in Italy or in New York, start working there, maybe open a business if possible and be happy while living my dream. Also I want to travel all around the world and get to know more cultures, food, and people. I’ll love to go to Japan and Singapore. I want to have an apartment and i would like to live there for a while. After I have achieve most of the things that I want, then I want to get married and have a big party with a beautiful dress, invite all my friends and family and just have a great time. Then babies can come and the big house but before this i want to have the time of my life, hangout with friends, go to parties, focus on my studies, everything that a teenager would do.

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