My Everyday Life

Every school day I wake up to the same irritating alarm and struggle to get out of bed. Once I do get up I begin to get ready for my day. After I finish all the necessary things I head over to the kitchen and begin to eat breakfast. Following breakfast is the ride to school, which takes around 10 to 15 minutes. Once I arrive at school, often 10 minutes before class starts, I go across the bridge and view on my way to the front door the nature around the school. Now inside the school, I check my timetable on Managebac and make my way to class. After my 4 classes, I head back across the bridge and get a ride back home. When I arrive back at my house at 3:40 I eat lunch, which is always some type of delicious Indian food. After lunch, I either begin to study for upcoming school assignments or go outside and play Basketball. At 8:00 I have dinner with my family, again being Indian food which I love! Once I finish eating at around 9:00 I take a shower and then study for another 30 minutes, making sure that I have at least caught up with all past or present assignments. Then at 10:00, I get ready for bed and go to sleep at around 10:30. The same process is repeated almost every school day. This works best for me since it keeps me organized and ready for school.