My Average Day

Everyone has a morning routine that they repeat every day and usually rarely changes. Now if I’m being honest I’m running out of things to write about for personal writing,  if this seems random that’s why. So I’m going to tell you guys I do when I wake up each and every morning. 

I set my alarm for 7:45 every night. When I wake up at that time I usually just lay in bed for ten minutes debating the meaning of life, or something to do with food. Then at around eight o clock I’ll get out of bed and go have a shower for about 7 minutes. After I get out of the shower, I go and use some skin care products for my face. I use skincare products every morning, and it very important. If I don’t use it my acne flares right up within a couple of hours. I’ll walk downstairs around 8:15 for breakfast. I always have the same cereal but I put fruit in it every time such as Strawberry’s, Mango’s and banana’s. I always eat a banana after the cereal to keep it healthy. 

I then run to the bathroom once again, to dunk my head in the water and put the tiniest bit of gel in the front of my hair. I just started doing this at the beginning of spring break to keep my hair curly. I noticed that when I grew my hair out it would start to get curly, I just didn’t like my hair in front of my face, due to the fact of it being so long. Now its no surprise my hair gets curly. If you have ever met mom you would know. But when I just put I little gel in the front it stays curly all day, and it doesn’t get all crusty like some gels. 

Once done getting ready I go upstairs to my desk. School starts at 8:30 and ends at 12:30. School nowadays is weird since its all online and never in person.some classes don’t work through Microsoft teams and we just do the work that’s posted on manage bac. So we have to teach ourselves almost in the way sometimes. Now we can get in contact with teachers for help but still, it’s not the same. Although overall I’m surprised at how smooth it is going for most people, I mean it’s not ideal but it could be a lot worse. So we just gotta keep our heads up. 


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  1. Jackson, your writing has really improved, and I enjoyed reading this. To improve it: more proofreading! Too many little careless errors.


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