Hi, I am Rylan from Hong Kong a discus thrower, basketball player and volleyball player. This is my first year in Brookes Westshore I would like to be friends with all of you, as you can see I love different sports. I think trying different sports is really fun because doing it might be easy but trying to master it is really hard I might have chosen the hardest ones to master for example discus throwing I say it’s a pretty rare kind of sports and a hard one to master.
Me as a reader is not what I can imagine of myself because I’m just not a reading guy I don’t like reading you can even say I hate it but when I see books that are really interesting and fun I will be like a kid playing in the playground. I’ll get all excited and crazy! So I guess the world needs more interesting books.
As a writer might be what I would do because I know that most of the people don’t like reading boring dull books but when they have illustrated and interesting books they will turn into a reader so my goal is to make interesting books to increase the interest of reading.

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