May 21 PW

Which season of the year do you like best? Why?

I like winter the best. This is because there are several wonderful things that would happen in this season. First of all, we got Christmas Holiday in winter. That means I could have time to relax myself as I would be free of homework for 2 weeks. Instead, I could go to eat all sorts of nice food like hot pot and buffet meals. I could attend Christmas parties too. During that time, I would go back to Hong Kong, so as my friends who study in United Kingdom, United States and Australia. So it is a perfect time for gatherings and reunions.

In addition,  winter in HK isn’t that cold. The coldness is acceptable. Some foreigners would consider it as cool. I don’t think it is cool but I would prefer winter more than summer. The summer in HK is hot and humid. I think the heat in summer is intolerable in HK. For winter, you can always add layers (to wear more) if you feel  cold. However, if you feel hot, there is no way to take off your “skin”. If you want to stay cool during summer, then you could only stay indoor with air-conditioners on. I don’t like to stay indoors all the time, so I don’t like summer. Also, I don’t like spring in HK is because it is a really humid season in HK and everything you touches feel sticky. I hate that feeling so I don’t like spring too. In fact, Autumn is not that bad in terms of its weather. However, winter is better because of the long holidays.

In conclusion, I like winter the most among all the seasons.