May 1st IRJE: Wings of Fire – The Dragonet Prophecy

In Wings of Fire-The Dragonet Prophecy, by Tui T. Sutherland, Clay is a kind and an empathetic dragon who’s personality only hinders him from fulfilling his destiny. Clay’s destiny is to become the great MudWing saviour of the dragon world. The expectations for Clay were high. He wanted to fulfill his duty. But he was not a natural-hatched hero. Nothing about him was special. Other than his sheer size, Clay lacked the requisite qualities of a dragon. Dragons are supposed to be dangerous. Clay was the exact opposite.

He was all right at fighting. But “all right” wasn’t going to stop the war and save the dragon tribes. He needed to be extraordinary. He was the biggest dragonet, so he was supposed to be the scary, tough one. The minders wanted him to be terrifyingly dangerous. Clay felt about as dangerous as cauliflower. (p. 1)

For Clay to fulfill his destiny, he needs to change. He needs to become a stronger fighter and a more profound dragon. Within his heart, Clay desires to do what’s best for the dragon world. “He wanted to look at the world, figure out what was broken, and fix it” (p. 1). Clay may not be the dragon who all believe will save the dragon world. But as long as Clay has the intention to do what’s right. He will succeed in bringing peace.



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