May 15 IRJE

In chapter three of The Giver, when Jonas’ father brings Gabriel home, Lily  noted that he has the same pale eyes as Jonas. Most people in the community, except Jonas and one of the Fives, have dark eyes. Lily speculates that Gabe and Jonas share a Birthmother. Mirrors are uncommon there. Jonas has never spent much time looking into one, but he remembers seeing Gabe’s light eyes which have more depth and solemnity than regular eyes.

Lily is enchanted by Gabe and hopes that she will be assigned as a Birthmother as she likes new children and has heard that Birthmothers live better lives. Mother, however, notes that after three births, they become labourers until they enter the House of the Old.  Father suggests instead that Lily might wish to become a Nurturer, should try some volunteer hours at the Nurturing Center when she turns Eight.

The Speaker Lily reminded the people that food should be eaten and never brought back home. Jonas used an apple for the “catch”  game with Asher and saw that the apple’s appearance has changed slightly in mid-air and then return to its original appearance later.

“Then it was in his hand, and he looked at it carefully, but it was the same apple. Unchanged. The same size and shape: a perfect sphere. The same nondescript shade, about the same shade as his own tunic.” (P. 24)

This specific passage seems really interesting to me as it might foreshadow Jonas’s ability to see colour as well as the unusual perfection of all matters perceived by the community. This connects the latter part of the story that Jonas found the community  is made to make the people perceive it as flawless.