Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is a very famous singer in Mexico  that sings in Spanish and Italian. Most people  call him “El Sol de Mexico” that means “the Sun of Mexico”.

He started singing at a very young age because his dad was famous in Argentina so they put a lot of pressure on his he would take pill so that he wouldn’t sleep because he had to do school sing go to concerts and write songs.

His mom disappeared and was never found until  this day and his dad died on 1996 by the way  Luis Miguel was the number 1 most listener in Mexico.

I know Luis Miguel because its my dads god  he’s always listening to him so my brother and I are have always loved his music so we know al off his songs.

Some of my favorite songs are: Ahora te puedes Marchar,La Bikina, La Incondicional,Hasta Que Me Olvides,Culpable o no,México en la Piel,Palabra de honor,Cuando Calienta el Sol,La Chica del Bikini Azul,1+1=2 enamorados, Sabes una cosa, Isabel and Fría como el viento peligrosa como el mar.

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