Love Poetry

From the Love Poetry handout, I found the poem named: “Woman’s Constancy,” the most sentimental. Within the poem, written by John Donne, he shares soft feelings as questions, wanting to know how loyal his lover is. Talking about being in love for only a day and the feelings which have overcome him due to their love.

I find this poem sentimental because even though only one person is speaking, John directs his words to his lover. When I first read this poem I was slightly confused about who was talking, but by researching the poem I was able to better understand what was going on. It’s sad to think that the man talking feels that his love is not true, however, the poem only says so much. It only talks about the man’s feelings and thoughts about their love, not the woman’s. The women that the man is questioning could have a similar perspective on their love as the man, but this may not be the case. She may believe that their love is true, but we can’t say just by reading this poem.

The poem is, in my opinion, sentimental but only to a certain extent. John’s questions are not enough to fully grasp the truth about their love. We can listen to his words but without the woman’s view, we cannot assume that their love isn’t real.