Love Poetry

From the love poetry hand out, the poem that I found the most sentimental was “As I Walked Out One Evening,” by W.H. AUDEN. Throughout this poem, he describes his love for a lover who he hears singing near the river. And how his love for Him or her has no end. He does this by comparing his love for this lover to many different things that will most likely never happen. 

I found this poem sentimental because the man whoever he is, throughout the entire poem is just ex[ressing his love in the most absurd ways. Now for some, this may come off as desperate or pathetic but, If your madly in love like some may say happens, what your saying most of the time is basically nonsense. When he says The years shall run like rabbits, For in my arms I hold The Flower of the Ages, And the first love of the world.’ now when I first read this line it confused me the most. What I think means by this is when the other lover is in his arm’s, time becomes meaningless and will fly by like hopping rabbits.  Another odd yet very grabbing line for me personally is when he says “You cannot conquer Time. this is him saying, hey but we aren’t here forever even though my love is everlasting for you so tick tock. 

This poem for me was overall hard for me to decipher but once I starred at it for a while it started to make sense and chunks of it started to fit with others. And once I understood what it was saying I found it very creative and well thought through.