Like a white rabbit in the snow

In the book, The First To Die At The End Deathcast is a new service that calls you on the day that you will die to tell you that you will die. Since Deathcast has just launched there is a bug in their mysterious system that they use to predict the deaths. The bug is that 12 people who are signed up will not be called and 11 people have died without being called. Valentino was called, but Orion was not and Orion has a rare heart condition where he has heart attacks often. Once the public was told about the bug Orion and Valentino headed back to Orion’s apartment to stay there for a while.

I feel the tension in my chest, like my heart is being choked out. I’m too scared to even breathe because I might breathe too gay. I know that might sound like overkill to someone, but unless they’ve done years in the Bronx, I’m not interested in what they have to say. Body language is everything when you’re trying to stay alive. Think of all the animals in the wild who will bluff and have you thinking they’re tough as fuck when maybe they’ve never fought for their lives before.

Valentino has got muscles, but can he fight? I can fight, but I don’t have the muscles to win, so I try to blend in, camouflage like a white-passing rabbit in the snow. That means not drawing attention to myself by holding the hand of the boy I really like. It’s heartbreaking to even have these thoughts, but that’s where we’re at up here.

I chose this quote because I relate to having to hide in plain sight to be ignored or left alone. I also liked the simile used in the second paragraph “so I try to blend in, camouflage like a white-passing rabbit in the snow.” It’s horrible how people can treat you so differently just because of who you like or how you dress or your colour of skin or anything else.

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