Last Game of The Season


Two weeks ago, I had my last game of the season with the Jr. Brookes volleyball team at Belmont high school. It was not a surprise to us that we didn’t make the finals. Usually only five people would show up to practice. We didn’t have a coach for half the season, but when we did it went well. The members of our team consisted of a few soccer players, two basketball players, a golfer, a hockey player, and many more with only one real volleyball player. After learning our history as a team the outcome of the final game will make more sense. The score was 25 to 9 which set an all time low for us. Barely anyone could make a serve over and when we did the rally was lost. Half our points were from my blocks, but they didn’t make much of a difference when no one could serve. The other team looked bored and us defeated. Next year should be fun.

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